How to love life

a joyful life (1)I acknowledge and recognise that my physical reality is just a reflection of what’s happening for me at the metaphysical level (i.e. psychological, archetypal, energetic and spiritual levels)

I accept 100% personal responsibility for all that happens and manifests in my life, no exceptions. This means no blame, no victim position, no indignation, no self righteousness, no excuses. Just a deeply honest attempt to understand the dynamics of manifestation with a view to increasing my competence and confidence in the world. A sense of humour is also essential I allow others to help me see how I am creating my own obstacles and how I am unnecessarily getting in my own way, and exploring what gifts may actually be buried in my dramas or what these dramas may be actually trying to teach me.

I am absolutely committed to becoming the best I can be, and recognise that sometimes I just have to pull things apart in order to reassemble them in a healthier, happier way.

I fully appreciate that my physical reality is a living demonstration of my beliefs. I cannot say that I believe and understand something deeply, if it is not being reflected in my actual life. My life circumstances, my health and wellbeing, the quality of my relationships, my financial situations are all outcomes of my core beliefs about myself.

I deeply appreciate the paradox and absurdities inherent in being called to teach what it is I need to learn, and I am prepared to roll up my sleeves and learn the life lessons as they present themselves, with open-hearted and open-minded determination.

I am compassionate with others who model inappropriate behaviours, rather than being judgmental or critical. I am willing to support and love, rather than condemn and feel superior. These people are also trying to become their highest best, and sometimes their stumbles may be spectacular. I recognise their innate bravery and courage, and I give the benefit of the doubt as they explore the boundaries of their own integrity, their knowledge, and their beliefs.

I live as if life is fully sacred, rather than just routine. I honour the sheer joy, wonder, and privilege of being allowed to live on this Earth plane. And I recognise that this privilege also comes with responsibilities to Life and Creation.

I recognise myself and others as Soul first and foremost. I am willing to take time regularly to go within and strengthen that Soul relationship, so that, in time, it is my Soul, not my personality or ego, who steers the course of my life and my work. Working in partnership with Soul becomes an everyday thing, not just a refuge for when the outside circumstances become dramatic or overwhelming.

I am willing to step up as conscious co-creator with Life, of my own life and of the changes I would like to see in this world. I am willing to do whatever it takes to become Master Co-Creator, and I put in the majority of my efforts working on the pre-manifestation level to set into motion that which comes through in the physical.

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