Living as a woman in a male dominated world

woman in a male worldMale power is all around us. It is like the air that we breathe. We can’t see it, we don’t notice it. It is pervasive. Historically entrenched. What we think of as normal, that that’s just the way it is, and can’t be changed.

Despite bursts of rebellion that result in a few selective changes, things get stirred up, but then settle down again, almost as if nothing happened.

Young women today shy away from calling themselves feminist. They believe that things are quite good for women today. They are wrong.

  • Wages
  • Violence against women
  • Media portrayal of women

History is written by men.

Science is researched by men.

Leadership is defined by men.

Laws are written by men.

Codes of Conduct are written by men.

Advertising is controlled by men.

Media is controlled by men.

Success is defined by men.

Motivational books are written by men.

Religion was written by men.

Spiritual practices are inherited from men.

Yoga practices are defined by, and inherited from men.

Meditation practices are defined by, and inherited from men.

Business practices are defined by men.

Critiques are written by men.

High Art is painted by men.

High Culture – music and opera – is composed by men.

Architecture is designed by men.

Home designs are done by men.

Kitchen designs are done by men.

Household appliances are designed by men.

Economics is controlled by men.

Food is controlled by men.

Entertainment is controlled by men.

Finance is controlled by men.

Industry is controlled by men.

Medicine is controlled by men.

Education is controlled by men.

Welfare is controlled by men.

Philosophy is debated and defined by men.

Myths, fables and tales are written by men.

The question that every woman must surely ask is WHY? How did this come to be? It this how it must be forever? Can it be changed? How can it be changed? Who will change it?

After reading this, it must be tempting to think that we don’t even exist!

Men are certainly the story tellers, designers and controllers of our society. One, or a few exceptions doesn’t nullify this principle. One woman stepping into a position traditionally filled by a man cannot be expected to create a new ethos during her term of office.

Historically, and to a large extent, it is men who ask the questions about the world, and then go about answering these questions from their own perspective.

And it’s certainly true that things are changing. There are outstanding women in all of the fields listed above. But does their work, or even their names, easily come to mind? This is what I mean when I say that we are living in an atmosphere of male defined reality.

So where are the women? They are essentially subsumed under the worldview of the masculine. Just as when we hear a phrase like when men lived in caves, or all men are created equal, or men should work for a living, women need to do a quick mental adjustment to work out whether or not they, as women, are meant to be included or not.

Read the list again. Do you, as a woman, feel represented?

Big change takes time. Big changes take commitment. Big changes start when the personal becomes political. Big change stars by becoming aware of the personal.

The course of a river is more easily changed upstream. If we can find the source of the flow, change will happen without massive effort. The flow will find a new pathway. The old path may, or may not be revisited.

In my work on this site, I will explore the source of the cultural flow of male power, and also how we, as individual women, can make easy adjustments that have profound down-stream implications.

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