Let’s look at tolerations …

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Tolerations are things that annoy you, but not enough for you do do anything about them. Some tolerations are worse than others, as they edge towards the tipping point.

All tolerations are energy leaks.
All tolerations are pushing you out of alignment.
All tolerations can be cleared more easily when they are. small rather when they become large.
All tolerations grow in strength over time.

Tolerations might have started out in your life as a good thing when they first came into your life. But they stayed past their use-by date, and have been energetically decaying ever since.

Tolerations are things that no longer fit into your life.
Things that need repairing.
Things that you’ve outgrown.
Things that are dated.
Things that you’ve lost interest in.

And yes … tolerations can be people too. And commitments we’ve made in the past.

The effect of tolerations in your life include:
Pursing your lips
Not wanting to look closely at it because you know it’s trouble
Questioning yourself … what was I thinking?

Why we let tolerations stay:
You made your nest, now lie in it
You’ll get around to fixing it one day
You never know when you’re going to need it
You’ll never find another one like it

We can be blind to our tolerations because enduring them has become our new normal.

But your heart can immediately point them out.

Living a life full of tolerations indicates how disconnected you are from your Inner Feminine.

Because, guess what … your heart IS your Inner Feminine.

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