There is no greater force in the world than a self-actualised woman.

Listen up! You're not broken. You're not too much. You're not damaged. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!

Feminine energy is the most incredibly miraculous and divine energy in the whole of the cosmos. And the time is returning when all women will again realise this and own it.

As a result of my own self-actualising and sacred-purpose journey, I have developed a very useful framework that helps women to quickly understand, heal, and rectify the false beliefs that have been operating internally for countless generations of women.

I invite you to try it on to see how it fits for you. Read some blog posts, or join me virtually by watching some of my videos over on my YouTube channel.


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Wild Mary is resonant with the Solar Feminine, shining her own light brightly into the world, rather than the reflected light of the Lunar Feminine.

If you want to shine your light more strongly into the world, browse through Wild Mary's website. You should find a number of useful services, products, and free resources.