Knowing your internal hardware

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brainology 101 (1)Understanding and getting to know your how your brain works is a critically important life skill if you wish to ‘wake up’ from the Matrix life, and bring your great work into the world. I’m not talking about anything in-depth or overly technical. This is easy and fast to learn, and you will find the implications far reaching and fascinating.

When you purchase a new piece of technology like a smartphone or computer, many of you want to know what it is capable of, and how you can utilise it to help you or make life easier, better, happier for you.

When your soul moves into physical form , the body is an exquisite instrument. Finely balanced and delicately tuned, and incredibly resilient.

If you are just Soul, you can not DO anything in the physical world. You need your body in order to have experiences. Soul has to matched energetically to the dense physical vibrations of our three dimensional world, and it does this through manifesting the body to merge with.

In the realm of energetics, yin and yang are depersonalised expressions of the flow of energy.

But energy is also consciousness. In fact, many consciousness scientists and leaders of ancient spiritual traditions say that Consciousness is the the only reality, the ultimate reality. It is consciousnessness that brings animation to a bunch of chemicals. It is consciousness that creates by dreaming and desiring, thinking and strategising.

Many of you would be somewhat familiar with early quantum science experiment of Schroedinger’s cat. You’ll be pleased to know that no cat was actually used, it was mentioned purely in a hypothetical sense. But the experiements were basically about energy waves and energy particles, with the conclusion being that anytime the observer was watching, energy waves collapsed into particles. This conclusion aligned with many other wisdom schools

But for consciousness to have experience, it must move to a denser form, to compact itself. But remember, that even in its dense form, it is still an energy.

Yin-yang is the LEFT brain way of understanding energy. It is impersonal and objective, and can be analysed. Can also be used as a binary code. But this is, in a huge way, static, and doesn’t really take consciousness into account. It is a two-dimensional construct. It feels clean and clear-cut, even if it can get a bit overwhelming. An analytical mind can dissect the world, seen and unseen, in terms of the binary code of yin and yang. Yin and yang, and particularly binary coding, is a taking-apart understanding of the world, suitable for classification and figuring out how things work.

But even yin and yang is different from the pure binary system, because it is relational. You can’t say something is yin or yang just in isolation. You have to compare it with something else. It is the contrast between two or more items or qualities that reveal the yin and yang nature of all of them.

Binary coding, on the other hand, is purely about being on or off. Yes or No. One or Zero.

Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine is a RIGHT brain way of understanding consciousness and life. It is a personal and subjective way of understanding the world around us, in a way that allows us to be a co-creator and have a relationship with the forces that shape our life and our world. This also incorporates emotionality and even personality into the equation.

These polarities or dualities can be a source of frustration, envy even, conflict. That would be the entropic way of responding to them. Entropic, from entropy, means disintegrating into chaos, losing energy or focus.

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