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My Kindle Books

To go to any of these Kindle books, just click on any image, and you’ll go to that particular Kindle book’s page. There you will find more detailed explanations about their content and even have a preview of the first few pages. They are priced between US$0.99 and US$3.99, although they may show up in your own adjusted local currency.

The first three form part of my Sacred Home Series, and there may be one or two more to come down the track.

The fourth one, is written for women who are where I was a few months ago, who might be seriously considering leaving their pleasant but boring marriage, to pursue a bigger dream.

Or, go and view my entire up-to-date Kindle book collection.

I’m planning on writing one new book every two weeks, as a way of slowly and steadily releasing the knowledge that is in my head, out into the world.  I have a Facebook page where you can follow me in my Kindle adventure.


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