Internal Gender Dynamics | Lesson 5

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The right brain does not need meditation. It is the REASON why people meditate – to get into the right brain.

The purpose of meditation is to reach enlightenment. This is entirely the realm of the right brain.

It is the left brain that is the monkey mind. It is the left brain that has the endless chatter of judgment, comparison, lists, tasks. Meditation is a way to turn it down, by getting more into the right brain.

Remember that men tend to stay in one brain hemisphere, either one, while women tend to be more cross-pollinators between both hemispheres.

And when men discover some right brain processes, they tend to be quite possessive and dogmatic about it. However, women tend to be more relaxed by their right brain processes because they are in there more often.

When men discover what their right brain is capable of, they build a system around it. So meditation, spiritual practices, teachings all become structured and limited to “correct ways.” This is the left brain way, and sets the scene for competing dogmas, leading to judgment, criticism, and in worst case scenarios, persecution, of “unbelievers.”

Mindfulness is simply a technique for allowing right brain consciousness to come to the fore.

Natural ways women are in their right brain by default:

Being with young children and animals

Daydreaming (thinking of nothing in particular)


Intuition, picking up vibes


Attuned to “feeling their bodies” and

Attuned to “feelings within their bodies” – emotions have physical sensations and impact.


Working with hands – creatively and routinely.

Physical work.

Working with the earth, in dirt.

Being in nature.


Spinning, agricultural tasks, rocking.

Young children are leading with their right brain. They are pre-language, or pre-verbal.

This is why they like simple tunes and repetition. So simple tunes and repetition, when we do them, are direct keys to the right brain.

Witches have repetitive musical chants and rounds have a lot in common with nursery rhymes and will put you into a right brain trance.

Trances are a shift into the right brain. Hypnosis unhooks your left brain.

Quantum leaps are right brain activities.

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