Internal Gender Dynamics | Lesson 4

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The different ways men and women use their brain hemispheres.

Internal Gender Dynamics Lesson 4Shaped like a walnut, the brain is joined in the middle by a bundle of nerve fibres that carries information between brain hemispheres so that it can be synergised into a holistic perspective. This bundle of nerve fibres is called the corpus callosum.

Communication across this bridge is asymmetrical, so that both hemispheres don’t try to lead at the same time and get in each other’s way.

Author and Psychiatrist, Iain McGilchrist, suggests that rather than bringing the two hemispheres together, it is actually helping to keep them separate, so that each can go about its business without interference from the other.

men and women use brain differentlyMRI scans show that men tend to stay within one hemisphere, processing information deeply throughout the single hemisphere – be it left or right.

Women, on the other hand jump across the hemispheres 25% more often than men, and don’t stay within the one hemisphere.

Researchers suggest that the male brains (shown in blue) are optimised for motor skills while the female brains (shown in orange) are optimised to combine intuitive and analytical thinking.

These differences are in addition to biological adaptations such as physiological brain differences and hormonal differences between men and women.

So a brain is not the same brain for both sexes, nor is consciousness the same across both sexes.

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