Internal Gender Dynamics | Lesson 2

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Internal Gender Dynamics Lesson 2Metaphysically speaking, the left brain is designed to anchor our awareness in the 3D world, while the right brain is designed as a doorway into ethereal realms that defy dimension and boundary. The right brain can access the cosmic consciousness, the morphogenic field, and co-ordinate the infinitesimally small cellular operations of our bodies into a cohesive unity.

Our boundary according to the left brain self is at the skin of our body. It is very territorial, so it may claim further space slightly beyond the skin as its own.

Our boundary according to our right brain self is … well, it doesn’t have one really. It recognises the consciousness within each cell of its own body and is blown away at how they all go about their roles in mystical organisation to keep the body functioning. It cannot sense boundaries between itself and other beings or the environment. The right brain cannot tell where it begins nor where it ends.

Time has no meaning at all for the right brain, so its attention is always pivoting on the eternal NOW. Past and future have no meaning, as it is present everywhere, all at once. In both time and space, the right brain consciousness has no boundaries.

So, in terms of a cooperative partnership, the left brain is necessary for us to function in the 3D world of time, space and matter. The right brain helps to remind us that we are transcendent beings who are only visiting this 3D world for a while. Through the left and right brains, we sense that we are children of both the earth and of the heavens.

What can possibly be wrong with that?

Well, the left brain forgets that it has a partner in the right brain. The left brain takes its role far too seriously. It values independence and likes to take charge, and it can’t see much value in what the right brain can contribute. It sees its view of the world as the definitive reality.

What I’m trying to capture and communicate is the sense of masculine and feminine resonance. I’m demonstrating that the dynamics being played out between the left and right brains are strong parallels with what we see being played out in the world between men and women, and more broadly, civilisation and the natural world.

Main Points

  1. The left brain anchors our consciousness in the world of time, space, and matter.
  2. The right brain keeps our consciousness accessible to cosmic awareness.
  3. The right brain lives in the eternal NOW and has no sense of boundary.
  4. The left brain doesn’t like to cooperate with the right brain, preferring to work independently.
  5. The left brain doesn’t appreciate the right brain’s contributions.
  6. The left brain believes it’s perception of the world is the only one that matters.

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