Internal Gender Dynamics | Lesson 1

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Gender and Consciousness and how they shape our human experience as women and men.

Internal Gender Dynamics Lesson 1 Consciousness is gendered. Masculine and Feminine. The universe is conscious, therefore it is gendered. Masculine and Feminine principles are imbued at every level of creation, whether seen or unseen.

Gendered Consciousness is another term for Life Force. It is the irrepressible drive of life to continue itself and adapt to all restrictions imposed upon it, in attempts to control it, deny it, extinguish it. Look at trees growing out of rocks on cliffs or flowers breaking through cracks in concrete.

Creation cannot happen in the absence of one of these gendered principles.
The principle of Gender is one of the 7 Natural Laws. The Kyballion, a brief Hermetic summary, reads:

Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles. Gender manifests on all planes.

This Principle embodies the truth that there is GENDER manifested in everything — the Masculine and Feminine Principles are ever at work. This is true not only of the Physical Plane, but of the Mental [Consciousness – ed.] and even the Spiritual Planes.

Gender boundaries – what is distinctly masculine and distinctly feminine – defy articulation when considered conceptually. It is only when looking at specific situations that it is possible to identify masculine and feminine principles in action through their qualities of expression. What is feminine in one context is masculine in another context. One gender is never present without the other. It is a matter of degree.

Now let’s look at how the masculine and feminine principles are delivered into the human experience. Let’s dive right in and start at the beginning …

:: Would you agree that you have an inner feminine self and an inner masculine self?

:: Would you agree that we have a left brain and a right brain, and that they process information in totally different ways?

:: Would you agree that the way the left brain processes information in ways that are usually considered masculine in our culture?

:: Would you agree that the way the right brain processes information in ways that are usually considered feminine in our culture?

:: Would it be reasonable to suggest that our inner masculine self might be processed in our left brain, and our inner feminine self might be processed in the right brain?

This is the foundation of the Internal Gender Dynamics paradigm.

Consciousness – both masculine and feminine – needs the biological computer we call the brain in order to effect itself in our physical, 3D world. At least in our particular universe.

Consciousness is holographic as well as fractal. The alchemical wisdoms of “As above, so below” and “As within, so without” capture these qualities with a simple elegance. These are also Hermetic principles.

However, my model acknowledges that men and women are composed of a mix of both Consciousnesses, in varying proportions – similarly to how men and women are made up of a blend of gendered physiological factors, driven by hormones beginning at conception. And these proportions are reflected in the various styles of communication between the brain hemispheres.

Women can be expected to exhibit a stronger proportion of feminine consciousness, and men can be expected to exhibit a stronger proportion of masculine consciousness.

Female Resonance maleresonance
As a very broad guideline, 1/4 of your consciousness would be from your opposite gender and 3/4 of your consciousness would be from your same gender. It is a matter of what your body’s cells and biology resonate with. Your cells are also holders of gendered consciousness, and a woman’s cells are all female, and a man’s cells are all male.

Men come more strongly from their left brain hemisphere while women have a stronger influence from their right hemisphere. I call this LEADING with a particular preference. It is important to realise, especially as women, that we have a choice regarding whether we lead with our inner feminine or our inner masculine. That is, as women, we are strong in both our right brains and our left brains.

Qualities of masculine and feminine thought patterns, articulation, values, perceptions, creativity, and so on, are generated in the left brain and right brain respectively.

Our inner masculine utilises our left brain processes. Our inner feminine utilises our right brain processes.

It is unbalanced and unhealthy for either brain hemisphere to be over- or under-utlised.

However, this is what we are seeing in our society, and this is what we’ll be exploring in future articles.

Both men and women are encouraged by our present culture to highly develop their left brain faculties and forego a multitude of right brain capacities. This is begun in earnest in our education systems.

In other words, both men and women are culturally induced to develop their inner masculine at the expense of their inner feminine.

This imbalance cripples the wholeness of men and women, and our relationships with ourselves, with each other, and with our world.

Women, especially, pay a high price for this imbalance because they are being distanced from the universal feminine resonance. When women deny or diminish their own right brain processes, they are denying or diminishing a major part of their fullness as a divine feminine soul, poured into a woman’s body. Women lock themselves into a surface reality of materialism and fear-based living.

Men are not far behind in the price they pay for denying their own right brain. Locked into their masculine resonance, which is reinforced by the left brain processes, they often see no good reason to explore what they perceive as feminine. Men risk being caught up in a self-feeding loop of left-brain insularity. At it’s most extreme, this is at the root of psychopathy.

The result of this imbalance is uncertainty about who we are and what is expected of us. We fail to connect with our potential as a divinely male or female human being.

Major Points

  1. Our inner masculine utilises the left brain to express its consciousness.
  2. Our inner feminine utilises the right brain to express its consciousness.
  3. Our Western cultural values skew the cultivation of our left brain to the disadvantage of the right brain.
  4. Women suffer a major loss of self when they deny their right brain processes.
  5. Men are impoverished when they deny their right brain processes.

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