It’s time to get clear about the power of your Inner Feminine!

The Western Woman cannot save the world without her!

So many women have no idea about the power of their Inner Feminine, and many ideas that they do have tend to miss the mark and attribute it to something else.

Many women don’t even trust their Inner Feminine!

This is a legacy of our male driven culture, and it’s really sad that even women regard the feminine as not being equal to the masculine.

Your Inner Feminine is your TRUE NORTH COMPASS.


How many times have you asked yourself, “What’s wrong with me?”


How many times have you felt

* deeply inadequate,

* broken or second-rate, or

* fundamentally flawed ?


These are ALL signs that your Inner Feminine is neglected, ignored, or dismissed.

How this journey is organised

Each day of the 5-day program you will receive:

A short 5 minute video that covers the topic du jour

A brief actionable prompt for you to follow

Insightful visualisations

A closed Facebook community for you to come and share your explorations and insights

And because life has such a gravitational pull on our habits of thinking and responding, you will receive the prompts for a couple more rounds once the course is over, but at weekly, then monthly intervals, so that you have periodic reminders about what you learned in this program.

And … you can do this challenge as often as you like, whenever you need to explore your relationship with your Inner Feminine at a deeper level.


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