Hi, I’m Marlowe Aster. I have a strong interest in the role that women will play in the shaping of our future world.   I’m especially interested in how current corporate, industrial and social systems have shaped our culture and our individual lives, and how there are hidden opportunities for course-correction that can be developed by those who think outside traditional paradigms.

It’s not all doom and gloom, and I hold space for the unborn, even unconceived,  possibilities of a fairer, more benign civilisation on this planet. 

Originally on track to be a psychologist, I took the path less travelled, choosing a life of personal, intellectual, and spiritual development in the pursuit of happiness and fulfilment over professional career development. This allowed me to remain somewhat independent of mainstream thinking and kept me free from being swept up with a corporate mindset. It also allowed me to explore and get hands-on with the emerging online entrepreneurial opportunities for solo practitioners, primarily as a consultant, coach, author and personal development program designer. Currently, I’m learning how to succeed as an artisan entrepreneur by designing, making, and selling Feminine Empowerment jewellery online.

My values are planted firmly in self-awareness, self-determination, and self-responsibility. My broad experience in traditional and non-traditional disciplines provides a fertile field for cross fertilisation, germinating original ideas, juxtaposing concepts in fresh contrast against each other. I think of myself as a door-opener and way-shower for those looking to create non-mainstream vocational opportunities for themselves or their businesses. I am a veritable ideas machine. It is my strength, but also my challenge.

So whether working with individuals or with organisations, I’m really not interested in long-term routine commitments, preferring to be called on as needed. My goal is to to make people and projects self-sustaining as quickly as possible by supplying pragmatic guidance and infrastructure that supports them to build solid foundations for their new endeavours. I’m also really good at holding the vision for those inevitable times when clients lose self-confidence in their breakthrough decisions.

My current business is called Wild Mary Enterprises, where I channel my focus into working in various ways with women who feel ready to declutter their lives of energy sucking duties and obligations, and live large and powerfully in the world. Come and check it out here, and see if it’s for you.

I now live at the edge of the world in beautiful southern Tasmania, where I’m offering my expertise in assisting local individuals, businesses, and organisations in developing their resourcefulness by finding new directions to generate income and increase sustainable self-determination. I also manage to  maintain a number of personal projects for fun and profit.