Clarity that excites your soul

Strategies that ease your doubt

(Hint: This isn’t your Daddy’s business planning!)

Take your Business Plan to Vision Plan … mapping your path to joyful greatness and prosperity!

Most business planning is so dull and boring that many business people avoid it if they possibly can.

The purpose of traditional business plans is number crunching to present to a lender.
Historically, businesses needed a lot of start-up costs.

And this doesn’t apply to today’s heart-centred online entrepreneurs.

That pretty well summarises business planning in general. It very rarely captures the essence of what we Soulopreneurs are trying to do, and they end up as joyless, dry documents.

Yet, we need a plan to guide us. We need a container to pour our creative and constructive energies into, as we bring forth our vision.

So I have designed a solution.

What you are after is a planned ADVENTURE that makes you come alive and gives deep meaning to your business activities.

An adventure where you look for beauty and hidden treasures, and right some major wrongs.

This program is Holistic … because when women feel good, they prosper.
There ARE no life areas for women – they merge. They influence each other.

Business is not segmented away to certain parts of your brain.
Upsets in your private life can have a strong, often devastating impact on your earnings.

You will learn how to:

Build a strong meaningful and joy-filled foundation for your success that is aligned with your calling, so you don’t undermine yourself in times of stress and pressure
♥ Take advantage of your feminine design, psychologically, spiritually, and biologically
♥ Understand your masculine and feminine nature and the steps to keep them aligned and in love
Reinvigorate your unbalanced masculine and feminine to health and vitality
Create a personality and soul for your business that works in partnership with you
Dissolve resistance and frustration
Pre-empt burnout and stress
Eliminate the Bright Shiny Object syndrome, by discerning which courses and coaches are right for you in your particular journey and the right time to take them
And much, much more

What you will get in this six week program

(the magic is in the simmering)

An initial workbook – helping your head and heart to fall in love
Initial 120 minute coaching session
Weekly check-ins plus lessons plus worksheets x 4
Wrap-up session 90 minutes that leaves you confident, excited, clear, inspired, and ready to take power-filled action to deliver your uplifting message to the world
♥ Resources and recommendations for ongoing support, including an invitation to join a holistic business mastermind group

Are you ready for a fresh start in fulfilling your mission that your heart is pushing you to do?


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