Growing some ovum

Many women feel broken and that they are not enough.

This is the wounded feminine. I call her the Eve archetype. Taking personal responsibility and carrying guilt for the state of the world, being the target of the frustrations and anger of the Adams, the men.

I love that the feminine is returning to the world, and that many women are being stirred by this resonance.

However, when I scan my window to the world, aka my facebook feed, I am struck by how many of the idealised feminine images are that of the passive feminine. Serene. Receptive. Meditating.

And there are a lot of buzzwords floating around in association with this: healing, clearing, releasing, shame, blocks, limiting beliefs, mindset, alignment. And mothering. Mothering is BIG.

But have you noticed that it is only one kind of mothering that seems to be approved of?

Saintly mothering.
Following-the-rules mothering.

There are many women who are pregnant with a calling to a mission. To make a difference in the world. To change the game, to generate alternatives, to disrupt dysfunctional traditions and patterns.

There is a calling to wildness within these women who carry the future in their souls.

But they get stuck in healing, clearing, releasing, shame, blocks, limiting beliefs, mindset, alignment. Like a quagmire.

It’s hard to boost consciousness when you’re in a quagmire.

And you most certainly won’t launch your wild calling into the world by being saintly or following the current rules of business engagement.

To break up our current global trajectory, Eve is being called to transform into Lilith. A new resonance is moving into feminine consciousness. A new song is waiting to be sung into the world.

Rule breakers, fierce defenders and promoters of their mission. Righteous anger constructively channeled into making change happen.

Here’s the key. You don’t need fixing. You are not broken. You are not passive and powerless. And you certainly don’t need to follow rules.

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