Do you feel it too?

That groundswell of energy hovering at the edges of our world?

Groundswell (1)It carries its own distinctive vibration, separate from the one we feel in our daily life. You may identify it as
• ascension, or
• shifting into another dimension, or as
• singularity or
• event horizon, or even a
• phase transition for humanity

Me, I’m putting it down to the arrival of the Age of Aquarius. But we don’t need to get hung up on the labeling, right?

Regardless of how you’re describing it, if you do feel it, it’s hard to ignore. Something inside you is pushing you to play your role in midwifing the birth of this new vibration into our world. Yes?

Have you thought about that instead of being pushed from the inside, you may actually be being pulled from outside? That there is some force or sentience within this new energy that is calling to you to participate?

Again, without quibbling about the details, there is, without doubt, a part of you that is resonating with this new indefinable pre-manifestation, and you know, in your bones, that you have been gifted with a sacred duty to fulfil.

But where’s the roadmap for this? Many of us have lurched into what we believe we are being divinely asked to do, and, if you’re like me, have fallen flat on your bum more than once. It takes a determined resilience to keep at it, time after time, failure after failure, “I told you so” after “I told you so.”

We’re a stubborn bunch, us Change Bringers. Torn between what is and what could be.

But we have vulnerable times too, where we think is it really worth all that effort, the disappointments, and all that expense.

Couldn’t we learn to be happy and just watch Days Of Our Lives, pick up the latest magazines, gossip about celebrities with our friends, spend our money on the latest fashions, believe that the multinationals, governments and politicians have our best interests at heart, and that wars are entirely necessary and justified, and that surveillance really is for our own good in this hostile, evil world?

I’ve tried. A number of times. Maybe, so have you. But, frankly, I can’t fake it for too long. Much to my ex-husband’s annoyance. I’ve left perfectly good, well-paying jobs because I was bored out of my brain, and that calling just wouldn’t turn off. So, back I went, to the clumsy world of trying to bring clarity and confidence to the mission of my life.

Woowoo is current term of disparagement for the various right brain processes and perceptions of patterns and integration.

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