The Gratitude Lie

The idea that gratitude is a prerequisite for manifesting is an outright lie.

Gratitude is an orientation of choice, not of necessity in order to get certain outcomes. Can you imagine an ambitious mafia wise guy being grateful for everyone he kills in order to get higher up in the hierarchy? Can you imagine every ruthless Wall Street wolf being grateful for every company he destroys?

What is needed is vision. Strong, powerful vision. An unswerving image of your desired outcome.

In fact, it is not even attraction or manifesting. Those are red-herring terms to keep you distant from your very own creative power.

Attraction is a passive term. I guess it resonates with the feminine magnetic energy, but it implies a lot of wishful thinking. The term “Attraction” doesn’t immediately suggest that any action is necessary. That is one of the main criticisms levelled at the Law of Attraction, that it implies all we have to do is to wish hard enough and what we desire will travel towards us, like iron filings to a magnet. Another resistance many people subconsciously have to the Law of Attraction is that the implication is that what you desire already exists in some form somewhere, and by attracting it to yourself, someone else will be denied it. We are told that that universe redistributes the resources.

Manifest means to make obvious. To reveal what was there all along. I don’t know for you, but for me, it suggests trickery like prestidigitation. A bit of mind bending and you’ll see what you previously didn’t see.

No, the REAL power is in the Law of Creation. We are creators, made in the image of other creators. We have a select heritage and a unique destiny.

Can you imagine what a different world this would be if each and everyone of us fully realised this power we have? We would simply not be able to be controlled and manipulated. Our lack of creative power is the single biggest lie perpetrated upon humanity.

Your life is your biggest work of art. It has to be created, it has to be crafted. That takes effort along with a vision.

Ideas are creative. Look at the word ‘idea’. I – Dea. Dea = Goddess.

You have the freedom to choose your own ideas about things. EVERYTHING that exists in the world started as an idea. Cultures, philosophies, quantum computers. Our universe. All dogma and doctrines began as ideas, just as creatively as if it was a painting.

And for one group of people’s ideas or artworks to be imposed upon everyone else is ludicrous. But this is exactly what has happened. Some people’s ideas about the rules of society and culture have been superimposed on the rest of us. And the rest of us have been intentionally disconnected from our creative capacities.

Which is why “Says who?” Is such a powerful subversive question to ask, because it reveals the game playing.

We are entering a new epoch on this planet. Many souls have incarnated to launch new ideas, new visions onto this world. Dysfunctional patterns are being broken and disrupted. And for that, we need fresh new ideas about what is possible for us collectively. And for that to happen, each and every one of you need to know how powerfully creative you are.

Forget passive attraction. Forget gratitude, unless it’s a matter of your personal choice.

What you need is creative, inspired vision, focus (intellectual energy), passion (emotional energy) and action (energy in physical motion). Your I-Mage-In-Nation is the bridge between the morphic field and your experienced reality. The etyonym “Nat” comes from the same root as Natal meaning birth.

Yes, I am very passionate about restoring the knowledge of your innate power of creation.

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