Why you really need to get up again

That calling that you’re feeling, that sense of there’s more to life, and that you’re here for a purpose, to make some kind of difference in the world, is coming from your Soul.

Because, let’s face it, it’s not a logical, intellectual decision, is it? Life would be so much easier for us if we could just ignore this inner yearning to get out there and do something more meaningful with our lives.

Now, here’s what I want you to understand. This sensibility is coming from your right brain. It is your inner feminine calling you, hoping that you’ll hear her in this left brain world we are immersed in.

Women changing the world

Our left brain world is entrenched in our businesses, our institutions, our laws, our governments, our sciences. And while women are now allowed access into these playgrounds, it is on the men’s terms. How often have we recognised women in these institutions as pseudo-men, rather than as feminine women, with core feminine values and priorities?

Yes, I hear you asking, what is a feminine woman? Be aware of what culturally determined archetypes come up for you when you ponder this question. And are they indeed accurate? Because many women with drive actively reject the feminine woman archetype. That, in itself, gives you a massive clue as to the bigger game that is being played.

The left brain male dominated world won’t let itself be displaced easily by women with ambition. Nor even by women who feel compelled by a calling. So a lot of traps have been placed in their path to weaken their efforts, and even their credibility.

Maybe you’ve fallen into a few? I know I certainly have. But rather than take things personally, or allowed myself to feel inadequate for any prolonged period of time, I wanted to know who, why and how these things are put in our way. And I’ve discovered many clues.

This really is a heroine’s journey for us. It’s an adventure of our Soul.

Have you fallen for any of these traps as you have attempted to get your calling off the ground?

  •   You’ve been told that your ideas aren’t viable as a business.
  •  You’ve been told that you need to give the market what it wants.
  •  You’ve been told that you shouldn’t give up your day job.
  •  You’ve been told that you need to do things this way or that way, in order to build up your business.
  •  You’ve gone to business courses, but don’t feel like you fit in. You resist commodifying your service. You DO feel like your case is an exception.
  •  You’ve even done business plans, but still failed to get momentum for your calling.
  •  If you have gotten your business of the ground, your calling seems to be missing in action. Your business might even be prospering, yet, there is no soul in it for you. What went wrong?
  •  You have a string of domain names that you own. Some of which even appeared online as websites for a brief period of time.

Most of these traps come from certain assumptions that for us simply don’t hold true.

1. That you’re here mainly to make money

2. If you say you’re really not here to make money, then you’re in denial or simply lying.

3. You need to be a self-made woman in order to win respect and acclaim from others.

4. You need to be good at every aspect of your business

5. If you just followed a tried and tested recipe or formula for your business, your success would be inevitable. If you’re not successful, it must be you who didn’t follow the recipe or formula correctly, or you’re resisting success.

6. Women are just a market group.

7. Intelligent women think just like men.

8. Ambitious women should put aside their relationships with partners, children and friends, in order to take their business to the next level.

9. If your work is too extreme, and threatens the status quo, you should soften the message so that it’s more palatable.

10. If your work is targeted to a financially poor demographic, you need to rethink your business model.

Remember: the world of commerce, business, money, marketing, and retail have all been defined and refined by men. The science and the institutions, like law and education that support these areas have also been defined and refined by men. There is no room, let alone acknowledgment of, women’s innate sensibilities, gifts and strengths. When, as a woman, you attempt to implement what is in your heart, you’ll often hear a version of the message, “That’s not how it’s done.”

This gets me so stirred up. We are not weaker, smaller clones of men.

We are, in fact, so innately powerful, that great societal and institutional structures have been put in place to keep us under control.

There is a change in the air, and we are realising we are not as constrained as we used to be. We are returning to power and our knowledge and our wisdom, even if our first few steps are clumsy and awkward.

This new energy has been trickling through since the mid 1800’s, when the first rays of the Age of Aquarius started coming over the horizon, and the first women’s suffrage movements stirred into being. Look how far we’ve come in just the last 150 years. And we haven’t stopped.

The feminine consciousness is being stirred with the arrival of the Aquarian epoch. You could even say that the Sacred Feminine was returning, after millenniums of exile.

And that sense of calling that you feel, is a call to play your part in the return of the feminine to the world, to her rightful place alongside the masculine.

The Sacred Feminine is working though you. That’s all she can do in the world – work through women and men with the right brain receptivity that she can resonate with.

So it’s important that you take a stand for this precious calling of yours. You are indeed here to make a difference, to support the resurrection of feminine consciousness back into the world.

If your efforts so far to deliver your calling into the world have deflated you, demoralised you or discouraged you, please reconsider giving it another go. And another and another, if necessary.

If you feel stuck, confused, hopeless, wrung-out, trapped or exhausted, consider having an affordable, no obligation Tarot Assisted Consultation with me, to see what can be unraveled and salvaged.

Yes, I’m woo-woo. And I’m proud of it. It’s the feminine power that’s stirring inside of me. And she’s ready to kick butt.





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