Gender and resonance of consciousness

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Your right brain is the big-picture thinker. Unbound by the limits of time and space, anything is possible. Information is accessed from a variety of sources, including

Micro-cues from your own body,
Micro-cues from those around you,
The physical environment around you,
The emotional fields of other people
Astral and etheric planes,
The morphic field of all possibility,
Divine memory of your origins
Ancient memories of previous incarnations
All your unconsciously stored memories since you were born,
Everything you have consciously learned,
The various and multiple energy fields around you,
The future, the past
What’s happening above you, below you, and all around you.

Your left brain is the detailer and organiser. It holds the position that if it can’t be measure, in essence, it doesn’t exist. Technical instrumentation are merely extensions (on steroids) of the basic five senses of perception.

This is the basis of our culture and is the assumptive foundation of our institutions that provide for various aspects of our wellbeing and our education.

This is the essence of the male-defined matrix of our society.

It is the essence of the left-brain-defined matrix of our society, where men have become the chief implementers and overseers of this system.

Why men? Because of the resonance of the divine masculine consciousness being streamed into the left brain of both men and women. But as men are also the holders of masculine biology, the male energy resonance is reinforced and strengthened.

They are not as connected to their right brain consciousness as women are, because our feminine biology reinforces the resonance of the divine feminine energy.

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