The Game of Being Internally Fragile

The most important work you will ever do for yourself and for the next seven generations is to repair and strengthen your foundation as a self-loving, self-knowing woman.

This is your internal platform of power from which life’s goodness will spring forth … happiness, success, meaning, fulfilment, legacy, abundance.

If your internal platform of power is weak, then sinkholes appear, as if out of nowhere, plunging any progress you make in life into a bottomless pit of fear and self-punishment.

Now, if we are to be totally honest, there are very few individuals on this planet who have an inviolable internal platform of power. It’s normal to be internally fragile. Especially if you are a woman. It’s the same but in a different way for men.

But just because it is so normal, does not make it healthy.

And because it is not healthy, it makes me suspect that either nature screwed up along the way when we were designed, or that there is an advantage to someone (or something?) for us to be this way.

Personally, I favour the latter option. Which is something I’ll discuss another time.

Many of the screwed-up and dangerous things in our world are a direct result of people feeling powerless deep within their own internal platforms. The manipulations, the game-playing, the exploitation, the abdication of personal responsibility, the sheeple-ness, are all symptoms of the majority of folks feeling powerless.

When our internal platform of power is fractured, our consciousness becomes fractured, and we lose the synergistic advantage of being an embodied Spirit.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s not natural for us to be this way.

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