Internal Gender Dynamics | Lesson 3

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Feminine Resonance and Masculine Resonance.

Internal Gender Dynamics Lesson 3 What does it mean to be masculine and feminine? What does it mean when we refer to our inner masculine and our inner feminine? What does it mean when we talk about the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine? What are the masculine principles and feminine principles that spiritualists, philosophers, and alchemists refer to?

For most people, these are unthought-of questions. We are all reasonably confident of what masculine and feminine roles are in our society – although even those are being constantly being redefined, so even this isn’t safe territory anymore.

In true left brain style, these questions, if discussed at all, are often explored in isolation from each other.

That is why I’m going to the core of our human experience, which is where body and soul are mediated by the brain. The brain is, I believe, the fulcrum of any conversations about the feminine and masculine. It is where the different planes of consciousness come together in relationship.

I don’t believe we really can’t talk about genders without including the very obvious parallels demonstrated in both brain hemispheres. The resonances between the left brain and masculine, and right brain and feminine, are too powerful to be ignored. I don’t believe this is simply a curiosity or a coincidence. I believe it is part of the fractal, holographic purposeful design.

Further, these are not pointless questions that have no purpose. One of the most fundamental edicts of spiritual growth is Know Thyself.

In the past, such explorations have always been rendered in the masculine framework. There are very, very, very few resources about self-knowledge that are centred in feminine consciousness.

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