Feng Shui of the Heart

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In the feudal world of China, when a sage wanted to build a house on a carefully chosen property, they would often camp on the property for a year to observe how the sun and the winds and the rains interacted with the land. They would collect their observations over time, and then at the end, would study these notes and then design the house to take advantage of what nature has abundantly provided.

Why am I leading with this story? Because most of us rush into situations and then expend an enormous amount of emotional, physical, and financial energy trying to adjust either ourselves, or our circumstances, or our environment so as to be a match. It certainly happens with cookie-cutter housing.

Making problems and fixing problems is an massive industry.

So, what I’m suggesting is to take your time at the beginning, when you’re going into any new venture, regardless of “accepted wisdom” or how everyone else is doing things.

Frequently, what is considered normal is very rarely healthy anyway.

Don’t be afraid to dig your heels in and take your time while you explore a decision with your heart. The answer may not be immediately obvious, or some other pieces of knowledge need to drop in first so as to create a bridge to the solution your heart yearns for.

But you can begin to check in for the qualities that solution might have. As in reverse-engineering what your heart would be happy with.

Spiralling back to the feng shui scenario, Feng means wind, and Shui means water. Elementally, these correspond to thought and emotions. Too much or too little of both can be toxic to our dreams. There is an art to balancing the head and heart, the masculine and feminine, that helps us to navigate into a thriving alignment.

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