Feminine Success is Sexy, because it’s the same thing

I lean towards being an ascetic. I suspect it’s a past life thing. Hildegarde Von Bingen was a powerful German mystic and scholar from the middle ages and I was actually born not far from where she lived her life. So my personal mythology is that I have some of her ingredients in my Soul Soup that I carry in this life.

Where I evidence this leaning towards asceticism is how I like to live simply, minimally. I simply don’t care to have a lot of possessions.

And to the way I prefer my own company, often not leaving my home for days. If it wasn’t for my little dog, Twiggy, I probably wouldn’t even be leaving my cottage, especially when the weather is cold, wet, and windy. (I recently got little booties for her paws. So cute!)

And the scenery from my place which is breathtaking – green rolling hills dotted with cows, on the edge of a river that is turning into the ocean, with mountains on the other side.

Anyway, I’m trying to paint a picture of my typical physical day. It’s cosy, comfortable. But dry. There is very little physical sensuality. Except for food. And that’s lead to a weight issue, which I reckon is to stop me floating away entirely, off into the ether.

All this is interesting to me because what I’m observing is that women having outrageous fun, and often lots of sex, are also making lots of money. And I mean LOTS of money. These women are juicy, in a sensual way. They really embody their feminine powers. And they love men.

So I’m trying to learn from this, and I can see that they don’t fight, compete, or try to control the masculine. Internally or externally. These women have a comfortable, even joyful relationship with the masculine because they are entirely at home in their feminine. And they have a very clear sense of their self-worth.

Which many women don’t. When I see the many women who are struggling, there is so much resistance to their feminine because they are still in the game of trying to prove their worth. To themselves mainly. They are still playing in the masculine paradigm where logic and rationality and willpower and discipline are emphasised as essential requirements for success.

Another big difference between the strugglers and the players, is that the strugglers focus on the minutiae of their business, whereas the players’ main priority is to be seen and speak their truth. Now. Right now.

What I’m also noticing is that these juicy and successful women seek each other out for companionship and education, encouraging each other to stretch their power even further. Their success is not an isolated effort.

I sense I am witnessing the Sacred Feminine in powerful, juicy, glorious action. This is the game I want to play too. This is high priestess stuff. And I’m absolutely ready.

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