The Fear of Being Seen Yet Not Being Seen

Most of the time I think I have my shit together. My life is pretty much how I designed it, according to where my consciousness was at, at the time that I created it. And I created it for comfort and freedom.

And I believe myself to be open to life’s lessons as they swing by. I can tell when lessons are upon me because of what’s being triggered for me by certain events, situations, and people.

This morning, I was triggered by a facebook video of a someone I’d never heard of. It was when she said,

“I fear people don’t see my light,”

that I felt an energetic tumble within me that made some tears flow from me in a muted sob.

Fuck yes!

When someone articulates a core belief, and you’re ready to hear it, shift happens.

For so long, I’ve said to myself,

  • people won’t understand my message
  • if I was slimmer, prettier, younger, people might listen to me more, because then I’d look better on video or be more photogenic (crazy, I know)
  • I umm-and-ahh too much and pause too long while I search for the correctly nuanced words that carry just the right essence of what I’m trying to say, so I’m safer in the realm of the written word, and would be wise to stay there.
  • all I’m doing is repeating what others have said or written. Well, with maybe a few original ideas thrown in. Why would they want to listen to me, when they can read or listen for themselves?

I want to be seen for the message I’m here to bring to the world. I want my light to be seen, and to light up those who see it, through the very act of seeing.

Yet I resist being seen because of my self-judgments. They’d be too long to list here individually. I might look like I don’t care. I thought I didn’t care. But clearly, deep down, I’m still carrying more than I was aware of, until I saw this young woman’s video.

She went on to say that what IS real is that people feel your energy.

Yes. Our energy, our frequency, is what we contribute to the overall consciousness of planet Earth. Do we help it rise, maintain the status quo in keeping it small and limited, or actively bring it down?

Well, I’m here to help it rise. You, most likely, are too.

So staying in the language of energy, what I am (and you are) required to do, is to come into a strong state of internal, energetic resonance. So that our frequencies come together in a powerful harmonic, leaderful song that reaches into the consciousness of those who also have this song inside them, waiting to be triggered.

I am committed to moving through the discomfort of being uncomfortable as I come out of my tribal programming.

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