Exploring the difference between Spirit and Soul

Often the terms Spirit and Soul are used interchangeably, but there is a distinct energetic difference.

Spirit is what connects humanity to higher consciousness and source.
Soul is what connects humanity to expanded consciousness and incarnation.

If Spirit is our higher Self, then Soul can be considered our inner Self. Soul is who we are at the core, beyond our human conditioning and programming.

Spirit is an upward movement, Soul is a downward movement.

Spirit seeks detachment. Soul seeks attachment and union.

Spirit seeks purity. Soul seeks sensuousness and pleasure.

Spirit seeks oneness with source. Soul seeks oneness with life.

Spirit is derived from the Latin word for breath – as in respiratory, and also words like inspiration, expiration, aspiration. Spirit remains with the body while the body is still breathing.

The origin of the word Soul is less certain, but seems to be linked to old Nordic terms for the sea.

Spirit is masculine. It’s elemental energies are fire and air.
Soul is feminine. It’s elemental energies are earth and water.

The Spirit is experienced through the Left Brain processes of detached observation and hierarchical progression. Stillness is a Spirit quality.

The Soul is experienced through the Right Brain processes of emotion, feeling, sensing, knowing. Bliss is a Soul quality.

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