The enculturation of tribal guilt

Like many people, this discussion of white supremacy and white privilege is getting under my skin. So I followed the thread that was being triggered.

My awareness was that how, as a German, I have been exposed to cultural guilt my whole life for simply being born into a particular tribe that did something bad before I was born and while my parents were still children.

It’s interesting that I married a Jewish man. He often called me a Nazi and claimed Jewish privilege by dint of birth. Yeah. He felt persecution was his heritage, and the victim status was one he yielded with great skill.

If Germans in Germany don’t show enough guilt and remorse, they could end up in jail for not following the official narrative. It is a crime to be hateful. Feelings of frustration and annoyance and healthy anger are decisively invalidated whenever they arise in relation to an out-group.

The collective guilt is socially and legally proscribed. Historians and researchers are hampered by this, because any contradictory evidence is summarily disallowed and punishable, and they are given the highly-charged label of holocaust deniers. Truth has been set in stone, and thou shalt not question it.

You can imagine how this thought censorship requires a psychotic split in personality, where a large iron door exists in your mind that you are forbidden to open.

How do you integrate the stories of your elderly relatives who were there at the time, but whose narrative is out of step with the only allowable one? There are a lot of hushed family secrets. Many pockets of isolated stories that are not allowed to come together. That there might be an alternative narrative is simply not allowed to be considered. Guilt is enculturated.

(I’m not going to go into WHY the official WW2 narrative is so ham-fistedly protected. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.)

I write about the German experience because the current events unfolding in the US have eerily similar undertones.

There’s something afoot here. There is a new “official” cultural narrative being woven right now, where no debate will be entered into because one side is clearly deemed to be in the wrong. The focus is on the admission of this guilt and an invalidation of any alternative experience.

European cultural pride will be absolutely verboten. Especially if there are any Germanic traces. Because German-ness is doomed forevermore to carry the spectre of Nazism.

Admittedly, part of what is coming up for me is schadenfreude, where there is a sense of “now non-German whites can feel what we’ve worn for decades.” Which is a psychic energetic suppression of being, incase someone is offended. Being offended has become a powerful cultural and political weapon of victims. Like my ex-husband.

Yes, it’s multi-layered and convoluted. I’ve only scratched the surface, and become aware of many rabbit holes where you enter at your peril.

And for me, this raises a rhetorical question: Once white supremacy is stamped out, will this be the end of patriarchy? Because how are they different? Surely they are the ultimate white supremacists.

Frankly, I can’t see the elites being affected one iota by this issue. I suspect they might be gleeful about the fear and anger that has been stirred up. The Hegelian Dialectic process is totally on track. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Problem, reaction, solution.

With the current ham-fisted approach of governments, one idea of privilege + someone else’s idea of privilege = privileges for no one. And this, I believe, is what the elites are trying to orchestrate.

There’s a shitload of money to be made out of all of this. Not to mention the obscene amount of control and power a handful of people will acquire. On top of what they already have.

Why don’t we just ignore these orchestrations, and play a healthier new game? I think we already are, and the elites just want to rattle our souls.


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