Ego is not a dirty word

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Have you ever stopped to ask why we were created to have an ego in the first place, if it’s so bad and gets us into trouble all the time?

Do you ever feel like the world is set up to deliberately create conflict within ourselves? For example, our whole culture is designed entirely for ego enhancement and ego gratification. It’s most definitely the norm, yes?

But for those of us who feel called to search for meaning, to go deeper, we come across spiritual teachings whose message is that the cause of all our suffering is ego. That damned ego! And we should annihilate it, let go of it, ignore it in pursuit of a happier life.

So, who else has been down this path? And how did that work out for you?

Unless you seclude yourself in an ashram or monastery, engaging the ego is really hard to avoid. (Egos also run rampant in ashrams and monasteries … so perhaps a cave on a mountain top would be better)

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love my ego. It’s smart, and strategic. Yeah, often it’s too clever for it’s (my) own good. And it likes to argue! And find reasons why I should be cautious, and not just jump in to things incase everyone thinks I’m an idiot. Better to make plans first, and try to cover every contingency of what could go wrong. Oh, and research (my ego LOVES to research) the best practices on however I feel called to show up – blogging, vlogging, plogging, er, I mean podcasting.

Because I have a secret. I’m weird. I’m really an outsider, but my ego believes it’s safer to not be too obvious about it. So it tries to delay me proving to everyone quite how much of an idiot I am by showing me how much I still have to learn, how complicated the process would be, and that, anyway, I can’t afford the very best equipment that would, somehow, minimise the impact of my idiocy.

But, we’re not really in opposition, ego and I. My ego has a dream too. It wants to be respected. It wants to be seen as an authority in a Very. Important. Area. so that prizes and awards are thrown at its feet from an adoring and grateful audience.

Wait a minute … ego and I ?! So who is this ‘I’ if it isn’t my ego? Ssssh! It’s me … Soul. Also known as Heart. Also known by many other names. I’ve had to hijack the Ego to get these words out to you, so I’ve just asked it to let me drive for a while. It’s taken a long time for us to get to this stage.

And have I got some truth bombs for you! Ego would NEVER have come up with this by itself, yet, without it, I simply wouldn’t be able to get this information to you. Unless your telepathic.


Many of the spiritual teachings are WRONG about the Ego. It isn’t the enemy. Repeat … Ego is not. the. enemy.

The ego is what was designed to carry consciousness into the physical plane. Time and Space are the natural and divinely ordained realm of the ego. It’s job is to organise and structure time and space, and to help create a matrix we call culture, to organise all details of being divinity incarnate.

In the cosmic scheme of things, the Ego has a critically important function here on the Earth Play.

In the scheme of your own life, the Ego has a critically important function for your own life purpose, your own mission. It builds structures. For your dreams.

I’ve discovered that the key to a good working relationship is RESPECT. Respect by the Ego for the Soul, and by the Soul for the Ego.

Forget about trying to dominate one, or annihilating it. Because then the attacked one will fight for its survival with everything ounce of energy it’s got.

Now why the hell is this important, and what’s this long post got to do with you?

Let me count the ways …
… You’re fighting yourself in getting your soul-based business established.
… You’re doubting whether you’ve got the talent and skills to accomplish what you’ve been called to do.
… You’re paralysed with indecision.
… You’re very well educated in strategies but don’t implement them, ‘cos you’re either feeling overwhelmed or feeling ambivalent by them. Probably both, is my guess.
… You’re resisting the allowing of success by overcomplicating things.

Plus a few dozen more … this post is way long enough already, but you get the point.

Listen … you don’t need another course.
… you don’t need more strategies
… you don’t need to work on your mindset

But what I would recommend is relationship counselling. For your soul and your ego.

Support them to stop being at war with each other. Support them to stop giving each other the silent treatment.

When you’ve helped them to fall in love with each other, that is the point of quantum breakthrough in your evolution that you’ve been searching so desperately for.

That is when the chains come off your dreams.

Remember, ego is not the bad guy.

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