Disclaimers about the Internal Gender Dynamics Paradigm

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The Wild Mary website is for the right brain to have a safe place to be heard, explored, and become intimate with, without threat of censure or ridicule.

One of the benefits of being an independent researcher is that I have no professional status to uphold, no research funding to jeopardise, and no institution’s reputation to protect. It means I can explore wherever my curiosity and passion takes me. This work that I present here has been decades in the making, and has been deeply considered from many angles. I claim my status as a wise woman in this regard.

Now, having said that, I appreciate that some readers will find the topic of my work cringeworthy. Particularly readers who lead strongly from their masculine left brain, which would be predominantly men from the medical and psychological community, but also a sizeable proportion of women, especially those who put in considerable effort to restrain their feminine right brain. solve-problems-with-different-thinking

The cringeworthy component is putting gender to the brain hemispheres, but I outline my reasons for doing so in Lesson One.

For the male readers, I’m really not writing for you. This is written for a female audience, and there would need to be some adaptations to be made to translate this information to suit masculine sensibilities. I am not the one to do this work. That will be for someone else to do.

For the female readers who push back from what I write about, I suggest you suspend judgment for a while, and try on some of these ideas the way you might try on a pair of shoes.

We have been so used to the left brain, masculine knowledge framework, that stepping outside with any sense of confidence is still considered somewhat scandalous.

And while I’m at it, a collection of other disclaimers:

:: My blog posts may be short. Real short. They may be long. Real long. When I’ve said all I want to say on a point or topic, it will be done.

:: They may or may not have images. Sometimes I don’t have the time to find or craft appropriate social media images that link back to my posts.

:: If my blogposts are optimised for SEO, it will probably be accidental.

:: I may or not have riveting, irresistible headlines. I just want relevant headlines.

:: Frankly, I don’t care what the market wants to read about. There is stuff within me that demands to be written, regardless.

:: Some blog posts will be deep and meaningful. Some will be lighter, more playful. Some will be technical, others more poetic. I have a spectrum of information to convey, arcing from the mystical to the practical, from the inner world to the outer, contextual world, from the personal to the generic. All of “reality” is my playground.

:: Really, deep in my being, I don’t do small talk very well, so I’m going to turn comments off on the Wild Mary blog, and invite juicy conversations over at Wild Mary’s Facebook page.

:: I reserve the right to experiment with certain formats and ideas, and then backtrack and start something else. I’m learning what grows best in my garden of expression. I may make blog posts into courses, or ebooks. I may repurpose ebooks as blog posts, or podcasts.

:: Learning the technology and the logistic protocols of podcasting, video making, ebook publishing, and other skill-builders will be necessary distraction from time to time that will make it seem as if I am missing in action. My commitment to this long term endeavour should never be in doubt. I’m just working out how to dive in even more deeply.

:: Often when I am exploring the ‘how-to’ of bringing a project into being, I am caught in the convolution of knowing that what I’m learning is also what I need to teach. I am frequently on the threshold of that place between subjective and objective – what is me-as-Marlowe and what is me-who-is-connected-to-everyone-else. What I’m saying is that what may appear to be about me is also about others. My challenges are frequently the challenges that others who may be like me may also be facing. So the first-second-third person references may occasionally get confused and tangled. Which I may get around to tidying up later. Or not.

:: I choose my words with care. And sometimes the exact word I need will be an obscure word (like Petrichor). Because I write for intelligent women who don’t mind expanding their vocabulary, I will not dumb down my writing to the recommended 12 year old reading level. Writing for clarity … yes, absolutely! Patronise my readers … no way.

:: I may tweak blogposts after they’re finished. Publish first. Perfect later.

So, am I sacrificing readers by not pursuing ‘best practice’ for my blog? And do I care?

Gasp! That’s twice now that I’ve indicated not caring about something. I’m savouring the frisson on not being a ‘good woman!’

And that’s the ESSENCE of the Wild Mary energy – disentangling feminine truth (YOUR Truth as a Woman) from cultural bindings of what feminine truth should be. And always, you will find that Feminine Truth emerges when it is the HEART that is allowed to lead, and is supported by the Head.

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