Deep, life-changing wisdom at your service



What’s your dilemma? Where is your confusion? Where is your self-doubt?


Success in Business / Career 

Life Purpose and Spiritual Gifts


I offer

Compassion First

Then Truth



Courage, confidence, and clarity of the right course of action,

Skills and knowledge to help you navigate future challenges with more certainty and confidence,

Discernment between the voice of your Ego from the voice of your Soul,

Expanded awareness to see the hidden dynamics for your situation,

Resources and Recommendations for your ongoing personal expansion,

A recording to listen to again later.

Disclaimer:  This is NOT a psychic reading. This is a Soul Empowerment consultation. While I will certainly use my finely-tuned Intuitive and Claircognisant abilities to access your Soul Records, the primary purpose of these sessions is to empower YOU to trust yourself. 


For financial, legal, and medical issues, remember to consult a qualified professional.


~~ The Details ~~

90 minutes




As a mature and seasoned Priestess, with many decades of training and hands-on experience in spiritual matters, life, love, and entrepreneurship, I can provide you with expansive yet practical spiritual guidance for wise decision making.

I specialise in feminine-centric business and success principles

and Feminine Esoterica. 

The wisdom you learn from me is rare and potent.


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