Combining the rational and the mystical for business

I’m a professional big sister. I do that by being a teacher, a writer and a mentor/coach for women who have a big dream or vision they want to manifest, but who have had setbacks in their efforts and believe it’s their fault.

My entire raison d’etre is to get you past your self-doubt and self-sabotage so that you get out of your own way and fulfil that big magic mission you are here to deliver into the world. I am an enabler of your greater Self. I am an enabler of your Big Mission.

How do I do that?

By combining the rational and the mystical.

Yes, they can comfortably co-exist. But more than that, they can synergise. That’s a key word in my work. Synergy.

My secret weapon is in changing the internal masculine and feminine relational dynamic from antagonistic to synergistic. Sounds esoteric and complicated, huh? It’s not really, once I show you how.

In other words, through my teachings, I help your rational Inner Masculine and your mystical Inner Feminine to fall in love with each other, so that they help and support each other to achieve a shared vision, rather than fighting against each other and squabbling all the time, which sabotages what your Higher Self is trying to bring to the world.

In other words, I help your head and heart to work as a potent team.

Because, in the end, that’s what is necessary for you to successfully fulfil and deliver your sacred mission into the world.

If you work too much with only the heart, which I see happening a lot, you’ll end up working for free or very little,  and with no influence to change anything.

If you work too much with the head, which I also see a LOT of, you end up with a distorted and compromised version of your vision that feels hustle-y and pushy.

(My big, hairy, audacious vision for this work is to see a new dynamic between men and women emerge in the western world, which shapes a new enlightened society that lives harmoniously with other people and species on this planet.)

So, yeah! I have a lot of work to do in rolling out this legacy in the coming weeks and months. And longer!

A lot of it will be available as free blog articles or social media posts, and videos. But I’m also planning on creating a number of books and self-study programs.

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