Broken Dream Mender

and Spiritual Big Sister

at your service


Listen. I want you to know that it’s not you.

Well, it partly is, but not in the way you’re probably thinking.

Many women are being called to play a more conscious role in life at this time of energetic change-over in the world.

You feel in your heart that your Soul has a mission for you.

One that you feel compelled to bring into being.

I believe that you can do this! 


It can feel daunting.

It can feel scary.

It can feel overwhelming.

It will certainly feel confusing.


You don’t have to do this alone.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress (and I mean, a LOT!)

if you choose to be supported.


Your success means more to me than anything else in the world.

Because I get it …

I get how difficult it is to define what’s stirring in your soul and bursting at your heart to come out.

I get how hard it is to be really understood by others when you’re trying to shape your mission into a business context.

I get how you feel when everyone seems to be pushing you in a direction you don’t want to go.

So I’ve created some Doula offerings designed to support and nurture you through the delicate transition process as you move into the glorious power of your Feminine strengths.


My Coaching Focus

Sacred Feminine Leadership + Visionary and Creative Capacity + Life Purpose + Practical Support

My Coaching Manifesto

1. Women’s spiritual and psychological dynamics are different from men’s spiritual and psychological dynamics. This is rarely acknowledged in the mainstream world but it’s nonetheless true, and is considered esoteric (literally, inside information) or occult (literally, hidden from sight) knowledge.

Women’s unadulterated spirituality and psychology is mind-blowingly powerful which is why it has been *deliberately* held in check.

My work elicits and highlights female spiritual and psychological dynamics within woman. I have developed a robust and easy to use framework to support this.

2. I predominantly move in a world of creation and possibilities – the archetypal, etheric, and mental realms – where anything and everything is possible to anyone who can dream it. I help to make bridges between what is possible and what is.

Above all, human beings were created to create, in order that life should evolve. I specialise in fostering this creative capacity, of which the imagination is the foundation.

3. I focus on supporting you to actively manifest the higher ideals and principles into the world that are embodied within your Big Work. To that end, I offer you practical support to bring out your divinely inspired mission.

Many women in the world are currently being charged with inspiration to bring new paradigms and new dynamics into the world. Frequently, but not always, these are in the fields of teaching, healing, and inspiring.

I want to meet you with where you’re at. So the focus is on any topic that is relevant to you moving ahead with your mission. For example:

You want some guidance on a situation in your life that you want to handle in a Sacred Feminine way.

You want to explore in a conscious way a difficult decision that you need to make.

You want support to:

Navigate emotional turbulence

Push visionary possibilities

Hold space for your Big Work to emerge

Co-create a spiritual business container to hold your Life Purpose work

Be witnessed and affirmed for your brilliance

Remind yourself of your core spiritual power

Lead into your Greatness

See beyond your stuckness


Sure thing! Now, how deeply do you want to dive?


Single Session  – AU $149 

Six Sessions – AU $599

Your Preference

I designed this package to assist you in articulating your Big Work and quickly bringing it into reality. This process can be done over a couple of weeks or you can stretch it out longer if you prefer (although not too long. You don’t want to defeat the intention of fast-tracking.)

  • Call preparation homework and worksheets
  • 5 x 60 minute recorded interview Skype sessions. 
  • 3 x 60 minute co-editing sessions.

AU $699




Your Preference

PS:  Yes, I offer a guarantee for the quality of my service to you. You can check out my Karma Guarantee here.

PPS:  And I also abide by my own strict Code of Ethics. You can read my Code of Ethics here.