Taking pleasure in your Soul's Power.



Allowing your Soul to guide your life, your career, your relationships.


With the full support and encouragement of your ego.

Is this even possible?


Yes it is, and I can show you

how to make this real for you.


I call it Soul-Centred Leadership. It's an emerging consciousness that is tugging at the hearts of tuned-in women, waiting for full-on activation.

It's not just uplevelling your frequencies. It's not just raising your vibrations.

It's bringing human consciousness to a quantum breakthrough.

You're right if you're thinking that we don't see this being role-modelled for us. It's not common. At all. Not in our current culture.

In fact, you're the ones who will be pioneering this way of being for others.  If you are reading this, you have been guided here.



Consciousness is a tool of magic.

Either you become the magician of your own consciousness

or you continue to be trapped in the spells of others.


And the spell that has bound and restricted human consciousness shows up as the chasm between the Ego and the Soul, between the Masculine and the Feminine,  between Men and Women.


This chasm between and within ourselves doesn't have divine origins. They are not natural.



You know what keeps you playing safe and small?

The usual suspects …

◊ You’re afraid to fail,

◊ You’re afraid you’re not good enough,

◊ You’re afraid of being seen for who you really are.


This is true for almost everybody in our culture, regardless of how successful they are.

Everyone feels fundamentally flawed and unworthy.


And I declare with confidence that these feelings will fade away when you restructure your consciousness to guide the Soul to lead your thoughts and your actions.

Read my article on why the Ego is not the enemy.


I work best with women who feel the urgency to give their Soul hunger their full attention and priority.


Women who are bursting to release their true selves and live according to their own rules.


Women who feel themselves approaching turning points in their lives, their careers, or their relationships, and are no longer prepared to struggle or settle.


Here's how you can tell if you are one the pioneering women who are being called to lead the vanguard of a new consciousness ... 


⊂⊃ You feel in your bones that you have been called to make an important contribution to building a more compassionate society.

⊂⊃ You hold your beliefs and opinions lightly and are willing to entertain new paradigms

⊂⊃ You have a good intellect, and you are not afraid to challenge your beliefs.

⊂⊃ You have an adventurous spirit that takes you to places many wouldn’t even consider.

⊂⊃ You are considered eccentric by your friends and you wear that description with pride.

⊂⊃ You know there has to be a better way of living than what we currently have, and you’re totally committed to exploring the options for improvement.

⊂⊃ You take personal responsibility for your choices, your beliefs.

⊂⊃ You have no problem with money, success, or leadership, per se, but only with how they are currently being played.

⊂⊃ You have respect for the masculine, and would like to change how men and women work together to create a new future.

⊂⊃ You see your life as your greatest work of art, and are always on the lookout for the next inspiration to explore.

⊂⊃ You have experienced a number of dark nights of the soul, and you know that these are cleansing and healing experiences. You are not afraid of your shadows, and even look forward to discovering more.

⊂⊃ Overall, you are excited by the future. Both your own, and for humanity.


I believe you are here to teach Soul-based success by example.

We are divinely designed to be creative and thriving.

We are not designed to be fragmented and crushed by the weight of our fears.

And we are here at the evolutionary threshold of transformation. It will be led by women like you.

Why do I emphasise women? Here's an impromptu video I made to explain why ...

I activate and lock in a soul-based leadership consciousness, which involves …

♥ Consciousness Energetics

Energetics of Individual and Collective Consciousness,

Lost in Translation - why the ego can’t understand the soul, and how it can learn to listen

The Power of Resonance and Cohesion


♥ Gender Metaphysics

Upgrading your Inner Feminine from Wounded to Empowered

Upgrading your Inner Masculine from Wounded to Empowered

Feminine and Masculine synergy dynamics for peak performance (aka Peak Performance the SEXY way!)


♥ Breaking the Trance

Deconstruction of old thought patterns and expectations, and restructuring them into a new, healthier paradigm,

Breaking the trance of shame and fear

Core Confidence and Self-Image reconstruction

Energy Drains and Power Leaks


♥ Soul-Based Leadership for Women


Releasing resistance to intimacy and success

Strengthen soul-based talents of intuition, imagination, and creativity

Falling madly in love with yourself and your life.


♥ Soul-Based Business Design

Clarity of Purpose and Audience

Activate your High Frequency Soul Genius

Soul-based business design, implementation and marketing guidance.

All my Protégés get access to all my content.

I don't hold anything back!

The only difference between my packages is the length of time we work together.

Remember, this is not a course but a transformation.

There are layers to peel back, and dreams to shape.

With each month your self-confidence and sense of self-worth will deepen and grow.

You can choose 3 months, 6 months, or 9 months.


Soul-Centred Leadership Activation Packages

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..... 6 Months .....
..... 9 Months .....
Soul Leadership Activation for a short-term goals or if you are in a place of transition.

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Soul Leadership and Soul Genius Activation to unlock your latent potential for new life direction.When you are ready to fly and live life only to your own rules.

No more Soul sabotaging. Ever.
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25 weekly calls
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