Clarity comes when you take action. Don’t wait to get clear first.

For the longest time, I made a key strategic error in getting my work out into the world. I wanted to be absolutely, unequivocally clear and certain about my message, and my processes before I strongly launched myself and my business into the world. I had it back to front.

Since launching these daily notes, some remarkable things have happened internally for me.

The first was the release of a whole lot of guilt coming from “I should be more to get my work out into the world. And, I should be connecting with the women who have already expressed an interest in what I offer. Consistently.”

And from that release of guilt, a sharper sense of clarity has settled in about the legacy tapestry I desire to launch into the world, and what the overall body of work might look like.

This has generated a sense of excitement and wonder within me, that has tapped into a creative wellspring, supplying many inspired ideas for projects. And these inspired ideas are accompanied by a sense of strategy and positioning, things that it seems like I’ve been forever chasing.

So writing these daily notes are shaping into somewhat of a spiritual discipline for me, but in the sense of disciple not duty. Where my soul, my inner feminine, is the inspirer, and my ego, my inner masculine, is the actioner.

When they work synergistically like this, instead of in conflict with each other, this is the realm of quantum leaps and miracles.

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