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Wild Mary’s Circle is a community of (predominantly) women who want to learn and embody the principles of Feminine Power. And, who enjoy a bit of fun along the way.

Because I simply adore those of you who are brave enough to step out on this journey, and my intention is to nurture and cherish every one of you who travels on this journey with me.

First, start with Level One of Wild Mary’s Circle

which is available by simply signing up to be a member. You’ll receive:

  • exclusive articles,
  • invitations to podcasts and call-ins,
  • sneak peeks on works in progress,
  • early-bird offers on all jewellery and courses before they are launched,
  • generous savings coupons on all jewellery,
  • giveaways, and
  • special offers not available to the general public.


Next,  progress to Level Two

This is available to students of the Wild Mary courses, as they are developed. This is where I really pamper my special ladies, and include:

  • even further savings on all courses and jewellery,
  • free shipping on jewellery purchases,
  • birthday bonuses,
  • access to an exclusive and private Facebook group, and
  • candid glimpses from behind the scenes.


Further Levels of Wild Mary’s Circle?

And yes, further levels will probably be developed in the future that really hone in on your individual needs.

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