Dangerous Questions

dangerous questionsWarning! These can open rabbit holes.

One resistance that almost no spiritual books touch on, is that there are those who control and manipulate the consciousness of the population. Some might even say, of humanity.

I’m talking about those who steer the Patriarchy – that entrenched lineage of control. It doesn’t really matter who they are.

Q: What do women and men and society fear the most about the feminine reclaiming the world?

Q: What is it that makes the Feminine so fearful to men. How did that begin?

Q: Who makes the rules around here?

Q: Who made the rules about property and ownership of the Earth?

Q: What gave those who divided up the planet into private ownership the right to do so?

Q: Why do the rest of us agree to continue participating in a dysfunctional money game?

Q: What power do the rule-makers have over the rest of us that makes us agree to participate in arrangements that only benefit the elite?

More questions will be added over time.

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