Challenging Sacred Cows

My take on life and on the feminine consciousness isn’t for everyone. Nor should it be. I challenge a lot of sacred cows. I enjoy being provocative and getting reactions. I see myself as a disrupter of clichéd thinking.

We are in the middle of interesting times. Personally, I’m thrilled to be alive at this time as a shaper of alternative options for future generations.

And although I think of myself as a compassionate woman, there are times when a serious kick in the behind is needed to jolt ourselves out of an entrenched perspective that keeps us stuck in unhelpful patterns.

I enjoy a good delusion as much as anyone, But even more, I love having my delusions busted open. And I seriously recommend you learn to be comfortable with that as well.

Does it mean that I have all the answers? Not at all! Please don’t turn me into any kind of guru. I may be a few steps ahead of you in some areas, but I guarantee that you’ll be a few steps ahead of me in others. Life isn’t a competition.

We are all here, right now, to be conscious creators of the future we want to see for our descendants.

Here are some of the rules I live by:

* Hold your beliefs lightly. (Personally, I believe this to be the real meaning of “enlightenment”)

* Question everything. Anything worth believing in can hold up to close scrutiny.

* Don’t get caught up in “anti” anything. Focus, instead, on confidently building alternatives.

* The best truth-searching questions to ask are:

  • Why
  • Who says
  • So what
  • What if

* Always remember who you truly are … which is Spirit temporarily incarnated as you.

* Have fun. Life is not a punishment or a prison for the Soul. Enjoy your human body and the many sweetnesses of the physical world.

* Chuckle at the absurdities we create for ourselves, and giggle at paradoxes and contradictions. Especially learn to laugh at yourself.

* Life is a canvas for creation. Your life is your biggest work of art.

* Imagination is … well … magical! Why else does the system expend so much effort in destroying it? They fear it.

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