The other feminine

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I’ve come to realise recently that I’m not here to help you do anything. Rather, I’m here to help you BE. Be deeper. Be wiser. Be connected. Be a creator of reality. Be a feminine woman of great internal power. … Continued

The value of elegance

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Elegance is one of my highest values. Wait. How is elegance a value? Many suns ago, early in my spiritual counselling career, I taught Emotional Elegance. I realised that most people were simply emotionally clumsy, and were simply not aware … Continued

Wounded Womanhood

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The Mary Magdalene archetype is the ultimate healer of Wounded Womanhood. Wounded Womanhood is felt by women when they feel inauthentic and unpotentiated in any realm of their life. Wounded womanhood is felt rather than articulated. You feel there is … Continued

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