Bringing the masculine with us

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As a woman, I am committed to other women. As the eldest of five daughters, I understand and enjoy the feminine. It is a realm of depth and mystery, connectivity and merging into oneness.

But I want to make it totally clear that I am not anti-masculine in any way. And that for healthy feminine power, a healthy relationship with the masculine is also required. So when I talk about feminine power, I am inherently talking about healthy relationships as well.

I also want to be clear that I am not advocating the superiority of the feminine over the masculine. My purpose is to restore authentic joy and pride in the feminine, healing the shame that the world has cast on the feminine, by both men and women.

Now you might think I am talking about men and women. But no. I am actually focusing my attention solely on the energetic dynamics of our internal feminine and internal masculine. Even though we are female creatures, and even though all our physical cells are female cells, our consciousness is comprised of the two creative principles of the cosmos: the feminine creative principle and the masculine creative principle.

Biologically, the gender creative principles express themselves within us as our two brain hemispheres, with the left hemisphere being the filter for masculine consciousness and the right hemisphere being the filter for feminine consciousness.

And it is from this perspective that I approach feminine empowerment, because, like we see in the society around us, our own internal dynamics as women have been unbalanced to the point where we are internally misogynistic. We value our masculine dynamics much more highly than our feminine dynamics.

And what we see with many of the Sacred Feminine movements is an attempt to address that imbalance by elevating the feminine over the masculine.

My position, however, is in synergistic creative partnership where both are in right relationship with each other. I almost wrote “where both are equal,” but I course-corrected. Because while men and women are equally valued, the gender energy balance within women, and within men, is proportional to their biological gender.

Because this is where creative tension comes from. Women carry slightly more internal feminine energy and men carry slightly more internal masculine energy.

The quality of the relationship between your internal masculine and internal feminine energies determines many aspects of your psychological and physical life.

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