Magickal Life-Changing Uses for Beautiful Blank Notebooks

Blank notebooks, especially if they are exquisitely beautiful, have the power to change your life. Choose your content carefully!


There is a legend about a Warrior Priestess who was on a quest to find the fabled Mystical Book of Life, which was rumoured to hold all the answers to all of life’s questions and which had the power to bring peace and prosperity to all who read it. Her country was in decline and she was determined to restore harmony and happiness.

Naturally, as with most mystical treasures, it was well hidden and protected by many magical guardians to make sure that only the most worthy person would get their hands on it. So all seekers were required to be tested to the edge of their endurance, and many lost their lives.

However, this Warrior Priestess was well trained in the mystical martial skills of body, mind, and soul, and was able to battle her way into the inner sanctum where the Book of Life was contained. She was so close that she could see it lying on a magnificent engraved stone podium. The book was embellished with gold, pearls and diamonds in the most intricate design. There was a luminescent aura around the book that gave off tiny sparks as it crackled with power. There was only one final test she had to undergo, and it was the most dangerous by far.

Because the book had the capacity to instantly kill anyone who had greed in their heart when they touched it. The Warrior Priestess knew that this might be her final moment as she reached towards the book. She touched the soft luminous cover and held her breath. As she breathed out, she realised she was still alive. She was worthy after all.

Barely containing her growing excitement, she carefully opened the book and turned page after page. Her jaw dropped. Her brow furrowed in confusion.

The Mystical Book of Life was blank!

But then a small smile came to her lips, and the twinkle returned to her eye. She realised that she would need to write this book for herself.

There is something mystical about beautiful notebooks

When I stumbled across the Paperblank range of breathtakingly sumptuous notebooks some years ago, I was instantly enchanted. I couldn’t stop at purchasing just one because it was so hard to choose. Yet, I had no immediate purpose for their use.

If you are in a similar position of owning a number of unused beautiful notebooks, you are correct to wait for the perfect inspiration before writing in it.

However, many will advise you to just dive in and use it …

  • As a dream journal,
  • An exploration of your hopes, wishes, and fears,
  • To list all that you are grateful for,
  • To record happy memories,
  • As an introspective journal.

Yes, all these suggestions are fine for some handsome blank notebooks. But every so often, you will have a truly extraordinarily beautiful notebook that just demands some extraordinary content.

I’ve also found that when I did dive in too quickly to utilise some of my finer blank journals, that I ended up with a corrupted notebook that just sat on my shelf, too beautiful to throw away, but it’s virginity spoiled by a wilful impulse that I mistook for intuition.

In such situations, I have been known to tear or slice out these early pages that are full of trite attempts to be deep and meaningful, and repurpose the notebook. But the integrity of the book has been ruined forever.

What I’ve learned about the power of these blank notebooks

It is your feminine right brain that acknowledges beautiful notebooks as a conduit for passing information out into the world. Frequently, the left brain is the writer and will fill it with what it believes is appropriate.

They are designed for power-filled content. Do not rush into using them.

They will wait for you to grow into them. They will not deteriorate.

My Books In Process

I have a number of notebooks on the go at the moment.

Book of Mirrors – I use this as a journal to explore my heart and soul, with particular focus on integrating my shadow issues and developing my personal power. I also include my magickal petitions, because the articulation of these helps me enormously in finding clarity about what it is that I really, truly, deeply desire.

Book of Power – This is more of a reference book than a journal, and is where I record various arcane, magickal, spiritual, esoteric, occulted knowledge, filtered through a feminine perspective. I’ve previously hesitated to use these “unfair advantages” to help me be successful in business, which I’ve pinpointed to witch-burning trauma that I carried in my DNA. With this particular book, I feel that I am consciously calling home my abdicated power.

Book of Purpose – to journal what I am here to do and how I feel moved to deliver my calling into the world.  This notebook is a mix of personal clarity exercises specific to my calling, mystical energetic tips to make my content and marketing more potent, and practical stuff such as branding details. Essentially, I view this journal as my Spiritual Business book, as I move my calling into manifestation. But I don’t expect to ever share this with a bank manager!

Book of Angel Magick – Reference book on how to work with the Shemhamphorashic Angels, as part of my overall metaphysical practice.

Book of Tarot – Reference book of Tarot study notes.

Bullet Journal – This is my day book, planner, and diary. It is also where I track my business numbers, and take notes of things I wish to follow up or keep a track of.


Further suggestions for blank journal uses


Book of Shadows

Bible Study Journal

Spiritual Study Journal

Book of Priestess Knowledge

Book of Meditation Insights

Book of Intentional Manifestation


2 specific recommendations when using a blank notebook as a reference book

  1. Number the pages. at either the top or bottom outer corners. For convenience, I only number the right side page. (I’ve become very good at counting odd numbers by 2’s.)
  2. Next, depending on the number of pages in your blank notebook, allow for an index. This has made the world of difference to me, and was something I picked up when I learned about bullet journaling.

For a slim book, 1 page should be enough. For medium books, 80 to 120 pages, two to three pages for the index would suffice. Larger books, allow perhaps five to seen pages.

Make sure to keep your index up to date so you can easily find information you know you have added.

Once your journal is full, consider making a dedicated index by topics. Hint: Don’t try to index by topic when you begin. You will over-think what you imagine you will include. That’s your left-brain trying to over-organise everything again.


4 further suggestions for both reference books and for journals

1. When you title your blank notebook with it’s purpose, add the volume number. Do this for both your reference books and your journals. The next volume doesn’t need to be a twin of your first notebook, nor does it even need to come from the same manufacturer.

I have found that by acknowledging the possibility of future volumes, an expansive quality is added so you don’t feel like you need to cram as much information into one notebook. This gives you permission to add art and embellishments, write poetry and lyrics, add souvenirs and memorabilia, and so on.

2. Once they are in process, allow your notebooks to be messy. Have fun, and enjoy them.

3. Consider having a dedicated set of writing implements just for your special books. Personally, I enjoy beautiful ball-point pens and will only write with my gold parker pen with blue ink, or my Sea Gem ballpoint pens with black ink. My other preference is to use pigment ink fine line markers. Whatever you choose, just make sure your pens are waterproof. You may find all your careful notes smeared into a pretty but illegible pattern.

4. Keep your work-in-progress beautiful notebooks somewhere special. I like to nest mine in a distinctive basket, along with some of my favourite magickal and spiritual accouterments, and my favourite pens.


Don’t make this silly mistake like I did

For my Book of Angel Magick and Book of Tarot, I used Paperblank books with magnetic tab closures.

But I glued in quite a number of pictures in both of them, so now the closures only hold when the books are squeezed really, really hard, and even then, the magnetic strength is weakened by the pressure of the extra thickness inside the books.

So if you have any special notebooks that have a closure that would be defeated by extra thickness, just don’t stick a whole bunch of things inside.


Beautiful notebook ranges

Sometimes it happens that your purpose for a notebook arrives first, and then you need to go hunting for an appropriate book. Where should you start? If you live in a large city, lucky you. You should be able to find a number of outlets that stock beautiful blank journals. But if you’re starved of local options then shop online. Here are some brands to get you started.

Paperblank – come in lined and unlined (mostly lined), and have a whole repertoire of different size diaries, notebooks and even accordion file boxes. STOP PRESS!!! They now have ipad jackets too! (Swoon!)

Peter Pauper Press are a more affordable version of Paperblanks, in my opinion.

Moleskine make different size notebooks for artists and connoisseurs who use these as bullet journals. They come lined, unlined, and dotted. I like the dotted version because I can keep my notes aligned and tidy, but also get creative.

Leuchtturm are the bullet journaler’s default favourite because the pages are pre-numbered and an index is provided. I also use the dotted version of this book.

Handmade books. Search for pagan suppliers on sites like eBay.


In conclusion

Don’t rush in to using your special notebook, and don’t let others rush you. Wait until you feel a strong sense of inner certainty as to the purpose your special notebook.





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