A rant about bitchiness against other women

One thing that really seems to piss women off is women being bitchy towards other women. Many (both women and men) see it as being one of our gender’s big hindrances in our attempts to gain equal footing with the blokes.

As if we should be all one happy supportive sisterhood, regardless of our social position, life experience, race, age, career. It’s as if any criticism of a woman by another woman is unseemly at best and taboo at worst. So, no criticism of the habits and opinions of other women, okay?

But why the heck should we be united about anything? The blokes certainly aren’t, and nobody accuses them about being bitchy towards other blokes. Is it politically incorrect, then, for women to criticise and negatively comment on other women?

Get over it, I say. Women are diverse a group. We are not infighting just because we’re feeling bitchy. We are not a minority group. We are under no obligation to speak with one voice. We are not that vulnerable and weak as a group, that we can’t withstand a challenge to our values, priorities and opinions from our sisters.

I came across a really sad meme today. It read, “Don’t try to understand women. Women understand women, and they hate each other.” Well, women who believe this are still under a strong patriarchal programming which has successfully pitted women against women in a divide-and-conquer strategy.

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