The other feminine

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I’ve come to realise recently that I’m not here to help you do anything. Rather, I’m here to help you BE. Be deeper. Be wiser. Be connected. Be a creator of reality. Be a feminine woman of great internal power. … Continued

The Path of the Visionary Woman

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She carries the patterns of the past But dreams a new future And takes action now to plant the seeds. She creates paths where there are none. She forges bridges over improbable ideas. She makes processes for the crossing. She … Continued

Feng Shui of the Heart

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In the feudal world of China, when a sage wanted to build a house on a carefully chosen property, they would often camp on the property for a year to observe how the sun and the winds and the rains … Continued

The practical coaching Priestess

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When Priestess culture was previously in ascension, collective consciousness was in a very different place. The right and left brain were in more open communication, which resulted in a more holistic worldview, an awareness and appreciation for nature, acknowledgment of … Continued

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