Because this is a global business, all amounts listed are in US Dollars, unless otherwise stated.


Goods and Services Tax (GST)

At this point in time, no GST is charged for Australian customers and clients.

No GST is charged for international customers and clients.



1. Faulty downloads

If the digital content, such as eBooks and eCourses, are not:

  • of satisfactory quality
  • fit for a particular purpose
  • as described, then

your digital product will be repaired or replaced.

All claims of non-delivery of a digital product, downloading or unzipping issues must be submitted via email to marlowe @ within 7 days from the order placing date. Otherwise the product will be considered received and downloaded.

If you receive your money back you must delete every copy of the digital product that you have downloaded or received as well as copies you have placed on other devices or media.

Any refund offered will be processed using the same method as was used for the original Sale, that is, the refund amount will be credited to either your credit card account or PayPal account as applicable.

2. Purchased in error (any item)

If you have purchased the wrong item, or you have changed your mind, you have 48 hours to contact me at marlowe @ to arrange a refund or an exchange.

3. Transformation Coaching Packages



Here’s why …

You are paying to be transformed into the inspired, soulful woman who is ready to flow her genius into the world.

This will undoubtedly bring up resistances at various points of the program. Your ego will construct some very convincing rationalisations

Wanting to quit the program is a sure sign of massive resistance. There are no excuses. If you don’t agree, we are not a good fit for working together.

I would not be doing my job if I allowed you to fail yourself during these times.


4. Group Programs

I am 100% committed to giving you tools, strategies and coaching that set you up for a more empowered and fulfilling life. My goal is to deliver what I promise and so much more.

That’s why I am confident that my programs will bring the stated results when you do the work and implement the knowledge provided.

I am extremely committed to you getting the relief and results you want, that if you’re not experiencing them, I will make sure that you get extra support from me.

If you do the program assignments, ask for support, implement the recommendations, and you still don’t see a return on your efforts, then simply let me know and I’ll be happy to return your investment, less a $125 processing fee. Refund requests expire 30 days after the completion of group programs, which is one week after the delivery of the last lesson, and 60 days after the purchase date of self study programs.

You will be asked to fill out our refund questionnaire and submit your completed coursework before your refund is processed.

Upon providing a deposit or full program payment you are authorising Wild Mary Enterprises to process your payment. Upon approval of your application, you are responsible for full payment of fees for the program. If you are on a payment plan, you agree to make all payments you have committed to in a timely manner.

5. Jewellery

I will always offer a refund or a replacement if you aren’t totally happy with your item when you receive it.

A Note on Refunds and Karma

Karma and money work very closely together, which is why I will not accept money by making false claims. That would be theft, and it will come back to bite me in another situation. I believe this dynamic also works for you, and that you are aware of this. So I choose to believe you unquestioningly when you let me know that something was amiss. I hold that all money exchanged between us will be done in good will and for mutual benefit.