The Academy’s Mission

The Wild Mary Academy’s mission is to provide resources and support to women who are chafing under the yoke of traditional patriarchy, and who are itching to break free and make their own mark in the world.

Specifically, it serves to empower Teachers, Healers, Intuitives, and Creatives, to succeed in their divinely inspired Big Work, so that the ripple effect of their efforts bring about massive necessary changes in the world at many levels. In this way, the future of our children and all following generations, is more confidently assured.


How The Academy Intends To Achieve This

The Wild Mary Academy will offer courses, writings, videos, and individual support to re-calibrate Feminine Consciousness to a position of strength and leadership. Women will learn to discern their core Feminine voice from amongst the myriad of internal dialogues, and to allow this voice to guide their decisions and actions.


The Academy’s Aims

Individual Aims

To connect women (and later, men) with perceiving and being responsive to the communications of their internal Feminine Consciousness.

To re-calibrate the relationship between internal Feminine Consciousness and Masculine Consciousness.

To clarify the differentiation between Feminine Consciousness and Masculine Consciousness and show women how to discern between them.

To empower women in carrying out their divinely inspired mission by offering teachings that help them reconnect with the source of their feminine strength.

To support women change bringers by providing a place for a community of like-minded women to come together.

To awaken women to their vast range of suppressed abilities.

To invite women to live their highest selves, as embodied beings of the divine Feminine Principle.

To reveal the variety of ways that Feminine Consciousness expresses itself intra-psychically, that is, within one’s own being.


Social Aims

To re-invigorate the relationship between men and women, so as to be in complementary (and therefore synergistic) alignment with each other, and leave behind the current antagonistic alignment we currently see in the world.

To shift the entrenched cultural values and institutions of the current unbalanced Masculine Consciousness of authoritarianism, competition, and exploitation, towards regenerative, sustainable, and equitable alternatives that foster well-being, flourishing, and joy for all.


Global Aims

To restore Feminine Consciousness as the guiding principle for the decisions and actions of Humanity, and to lay the foundations for a new Golden Age.

To reinstate the status of Feminine Consciousness as a valued and essential component of overall Human Consciousness, in particular, Western Consciousness.