It’s easier for me to outline my qualifications and experiences as packets, rather than in linear format.

Here’s a quick summary of my “pieces of paper” 

* I am a Priestess

* I am an Ordained Minister

* I have a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences

* I have an Arts degree with a double major in Psychology and a single major in Studies in Religion.

* I am a trained Feng Shui Practitioner

* I am a Reiki Master

       * I have a Certificate IV in Small Business Management

And here’s a quick summary of my relevant life experiences

* Adult Education Specialist

* Online & Offline Business Owner

* Tarot Reader

* Spiritual and Psychological Counselor

* Seminar Organiser, Presenter and Facilitator

* Metaphysician

* Writer

My Metaphysical Training.

The following qualifications are simply the formalisations of decades of informal education. They are a short-hand way of saying that I’ve studied a great deal, and used this information to transform my life to many octaves above normal.


I have studied for a number of years with Lisa Michaels, who is a veritable powerhouse within the US Priestess movement. From Lisa, I learned to (finally) embody my wisdom, and to release it from simply being in my head to being in my whole body.

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In 2012, I completed my PhD specialising in Metaphysical Sciences. This is a non-secular qualification from the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Sciences.

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From this institute, I have completed both my Bachelors and Masters of Metaphysical Sciences. Again, both of these courses are non-secular. This course encapsulates and formalises over 30 years of spiritual searching for Truth and understanding of the big picture of life. I’ve well and truly done my 10,000 hours studying my specialty. Many times over.

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And I have been ordained as a minister in the Metaphysical Church of Humanistic Sciences. (a non-Christian organisation).

Spiritual, Psychic and Energy Experience

My intuition is strong, and I tend to feel and know, rather than see or hear.

Reiki – Level 1 and 2 initiation in the Usui System.

Feng Shui practitioner training in 1998 with Roger Green from Sydney, including investigation of the controversial “down under” adjustments, and continued training with Joey Yap, Suzee Miller  and Master Kwai Lan Chan.

Small Business Experience (Offline and Online)

Basically, I’ve been self-employed since 1993, when I left my position as a Counselor with our Health Department.

I started offering personal development workshops, and moved into Tarot Readings, Spiritual Counselling and Past Life Regressions. As my skills expanded, I added Feng Shui consultations to the mix.

I also worked in my ex-husband’s business of theatrical costume hire.

I have a Certificate IV in Small Business Management, but most of my training in small business has been informal, with courses being run by our local small business bureau, organised and private mentoring, and was also a member of our local Business Women’s Network. All this was before the internet came along.

My online business training has been ongoing since 2006, initially as Internet Marketing with people such as Marlon Sanders, Jim Edwards, Jimmy Brown, Sean Mize,  Yaro Starak from Blog Mastermind, and Perry Marshall. Then my focus went to finding less aggressive styles of online business development and marketing, and my teachers were Ali Brown, Mark Silver from Heart of Business, Kendall Summerhawk, Elizabeth Purvis from Goddess Business School, Naomi Dunford and Dave Navarro from IttyBiz, and Suzanne Evans.

More recently, I’ve been learning from Jason Leister from, and The Wild Queen Coterie (that’s my term for them) who are a bunch of super-nova evolutionary entrepreneurs who teach (and practice) radical up-levelling in spiritual ways through energetic mastery, which are then reflected in business earnings.

I learned a lot. Especially about what didn’t fit for someone whose primary motivation was NOT money, but to bring a message out into the world. I learned about the very real challenges faced by people who do not want to be part of the current business paradigm, and I’ve been researching and contemplating alternative processes. I will write about these in my posts.

Training Experience And Qualifications

I’ve trained for a Certificate IV in Adult  Workplace Training And Assessment, and have worked freelancing for local training organisations and tech colleges.

Informally, I’ve organised and run my own workshops on spiritual and metaphysical topics since 1993.

Counseling Experience And Qualifications

Additionally, in 1988 I completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Religious Studies and Psychology from the University of Queensland.

Up until 1993, I worked as an alcohol and drug counselor, trainer and community worker for a number of years for a state health department.