My story

My whole life adventure has prepared me to become a specialist in Feminine Consciousness and in the forces that have acted upon containing it from the fullness of expression.

I grew up as the eldest in a sisterhood of five.  I had no brothers, and my mother was strong minded and independent, while my father felt somewhat outnumbered and left the females to organise themselves. That set the stage for a deeply challenging early adult life once I left the nest and entered the world of the male power system in both the workplace and in romance. After a few deeply bruising years, I was at the point where I wanted to leave.

That was my turning point. It was my initiation into my Life Purpose Mission.

The next few decades were devoted to uncovering the answers to why things were the way for me and for other women, and why life was so hard for so many of us. I explored the inner and outer aspects, as well as higher and lower aspects. Using both my intellectual and intuitive faculties, my search took me across a variety of disciplines. This is how I was able to discover common patterns and dynamics that are missed by others, and that form the basis of my work.

Now I have arrived at my teaching time, where I feel compelled to structure my findings and share them with others. Because, what I’ve learned is exciting and empowering, and I hope to save you years of unnecessary struggle and self-doubt.

I created the Wild Mary Academy to be a strong centre for the teaching of Feminine Consciousness, and from that place of strengthened Feminine Consciousness to support women who feel called to transform the world.

These days, I live in the far south of Tasmania, where the next stop is Antarctica. Truly at the edge of the world!

My Focus

1. First and foremost is the strengthening of Feminine Consciousness within women. To fully explore what this means, where it comes from, to live in its centre, and to understand why it is so necessary in the world right now. (I promise this won’t turn you into a bitch.)

2. Then comes the Energy Teachings, as experienced from the feminine perspective. Most of our world has been defined by men, and which tend not to align with the strong feminine soul. The Energy Teachings cover a variety of pragmatic topics including money and finance, relationships, and culture.

3. Next, comes the nurturing of the Feminine Consciousness and Energy Teachings, into a sense of Life Mission that intends to transform the world. Some women will feel this in their bones, some will feel it stronger than others. For most women, it may take a while to ripen fully.  So I desire to create an oasis where you can come for frequent nourishment for your dreams and plans as they unfold.

I’ve seen too many women compromise their Big Work to fit a traditional business model and/or trying to take their Life Mission prematurely into the world. The aftermath is heartbreaking.

4. Finally, are the practical and spiritual aspects of bringing your Feminine Consciousness and your Life Mission into the world through the vessel of a Sacred Business.

These are not linear teachings and we will spiral through them at various levels.

My promises to you.

To create a safe place for you where you are welcome regardless of how long your personal ripening process takes.

To provide generous amounts of free and affordable material to cater for all levels of income. It is not just rich women who have important contributions to make in the world.

To not hustle you, ever. I prefer to offer invitations to teachings that will change your life.

To share what I can that may help make your realignment of your inner and outer worlds easier for you.

To encourage you to learn from others, particularly the finer points of developing specific business and personal skills. I offer you meta-teachings that other teachings can comfortably fit within.

To keep things real between us. I still have challenges myself, and blind spots, and stuff I need to work on. I’m not going to say I’m perfect,  or suggest that I’m glamorous, or running a six-figure business. I do this website and answer all emails myself. One day things may change, but until then what you see is what you get.

My warning to you.

What I share with you has the potential to deconstruct an ill-fitting life, (including partnerships and careers) in order that you may rebuild it in a more authentic and joyful way.

When you learn certain things, you cannot unlearn them, even if you try to ignore them.

I really need you to be psychologically and emotionally resilient so that you can endure any process of life deconstruction you undertake. This is a deep soul journey that I offer, not to be taken lightly. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own choices that you make in your life as a result of what I share with you. As mentioned above, I will share what I can that may make your initiations easier for you.

I strongly encourage you to seek professional, qualified help to assist you in any stage of your deconstruction and reconstruction journey.

My credentials

In my life, I’ve chosen the road less travelled, so I can’t say that I was ever a high flyer in the corporate world, or had a turnover of millions of dollars in my business. That just was never my thing.

But, I did find the key to peace of mind and to personal happiness quite early on in my life. Does that count as a credential?

I’m trained in psychology and in small business. They are my only formal qualifications.

However, I have studied non-stop in the last thirty-something years, sometimes through other people’s courses, sometimes with just a massive pile of books, and stacks of videos, and sometimes through profound conversations with some inspiring people. Besides the time, I have invested many tens of thousands of dollars in my education. I’m what is referred to as an Autodidact.

Some of my more esoteric qualifications include:

  • being a Gnostic Priestess of the Sacred Feminine
  • having a PhD in Metaphysics (legitimate but non-academic)
  • being ordained as a non-denominational, non-Christian minister.

Also, I don’t like belonging to organisations because they inevitably become political and a battle of wills. Things become homogenised in groups, and aren’t really a natural fit for radical thinkers and change agents.

Karma encourages, I believe, a higher standard of integrity than any group can impose.

You can view my papers on this page.