21 Reasons why going into business is one of the hardest – and most rewarding – spiritual paths you can ever travel.

business spiritual path (1)A remarkable feature of living in these interesting times is that there comes a point in many spiritual women’s lives where they feel called to a mission greater than themselves, and more often than not, this calling challenges us to spread our wings in the realm of business undertakings. This is especially true for healers, creatives, and teachers at this time. After all, how will a new age be brought about without visionaries who put themselves at the leading edge to either upgrade or replace the broken, inefficient or harmful?

Now, it’s true that many people don’t see anything spiritual in the business world at all. In fact, many executive business leaders verge on being seen as distinctly anti-spiritual, if not entirely psychopathic or even demonic. Corruption, obscene salaries, cut-throat game plans that see thousands lose their jobs, desecrate the environment, and lives destroyed. What on earth is spiritual about that?

Rampant materialism, addictive consumerism, predatory exploitation … the game certainly needs changing, and it needs to be people with a good heart and courage to be willing to become involved. Fortunately, many such souls are being called into this field where the fires burn strong that can burn away dross and purify both the self and the collective spirit.

As someone who has walked the spiritual entrepreneur’s path for over twenty years, I have had multiple false starts. But each time I was able to recalibrate by further clarifying my mission, and building upon what I had previously learned.

The following items list some of the spiritual lessons I’ve discovered along the way:

  1. Accelerating the discoveries of your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Admit it. You have to be brave to choose to go into business. Or foolish. Often they’re the same thing, depending on which side of the fence you’re sitting. Nonetheless, it’s a massively courageous action to choose the business path.

You will deal with issues such as self-worth and deservingness. Who are you to proclaim yourself as an expert? Core trust issues will emerge, such as: is the universe conspiring with you or against you in your success?  Your beliefs about the world and the people in it will strongly come to the surface, and will show in the ways you hold people in judgment – particularly those who walk away from your offerings.

  1. Staying in integrity and true to your core vision.

When you learn business skills, you will almost certainly compromise your vision to fit the prevailing business wisdom. One of the big things I’ve noticed about traditional and online business courses is that it always seems to come down to numbers, which often doesn’t seem to apply easily to a spiritually based business. (They still do, but it’s a bit more of a delicate dance than most business trainers traditionally allow.) So the challenge is to be clear about who you want to serve, and how you wish to serve them. While many business teachers offer short cuts, they rarely ever satisfy the spiritual entrepreneur.  I’ve noticed that it’s often a matter of ripening as ideas get tested and refined. It’s not easy to bring nebulous, visionary, pre-articulate concepts into focus.

  1. Developing and practicing courage and valour in becoming visible.

A large part of your business success is based in successful marketing, and taking opportunities, like learning to say yes (quickly) and just reaching out to collaborators, supporters, and potential customers and saying what’s on your mind. However, there seem to be a disproportionate number of introverts drawn to the spiritual entrepreneur arena, and they really struggle with the marketing aspect required in business.

Similarly with being seen on videos and being heard on podcasts. It takes courage to overcome self-consciousness.

  1. Leveraging your healing mission or empowerment message for maximum reach and influence. Stepping up to be heard.

One of the main impulses that pulls spiritual women into the business arena is the opportunity to do greater good in the world by reaching more people with their inspired message or service. This is an invitation to amp up your personal power and influence in the world, and yes, it means moving beyond your comfort zone.

  1. Mindfully raising the bar and leading in new models by example. Being a warrior for the new and improved. Holding space for the new.

All traditional business practices are based on the old style competitive model that utilises some dubious tactics and psychology to gain an unfair advantage over their customers. So if you don’t like the exploitive nature of marketing or copywriting that preys upon people’s fears and exploits their subconscious motivations? Well, take a stand for what you feel is the honourable way to communicate the value of what you do. And take a stand against all the other customary but demeaning or exploitative practices and theories in business that you identify.

  1. Practicing self-forgiveness.

You’re going to make costly mistakes, have errors in judgment, and do embarrassing things. We live in a culture that perpetuates the idea of instant perfection, and we don’t usually allow ourselves the room to experiment and play with ideas and actions.

  1. Lots of practicing at forgiving others.

From the government’s tax and tariff policies to city ordinances to customers who want refunds, there is always someone or something that will get under your skin.

  1. Building huge reserves of resilience, flexibility, and resourcefulness.

Plans don’t come together as anticipated, partners bail out, and things get just TOO HARD! You don’t have the support or financial backing that would make things just so much easier. Frankly you will have unlimited excuses not to proceed with your spiritual business journey.

  1. Partnering with spirit.

Invite your spiritual team to come into business with you. I often smile at the wheel of life diagram that makes the spiritual life area separate from other life areas. Being a spiritual entrepreneur is like being a nun – spirit joins in business with you and works alongside you.

  1. Raising your personal power and self-confidence, while balancing humility.

Raise your vibrational level without crossing into arrogance and hubris. Remember your business is a sacred mission you are undertaking to advance the healing and bring in the new golden age into the world.

  1. Honing the power of your imagination to realise your vision.

Imagination is the singular most powerful spiritual resource humans have. Imagination allows you to envision new possibilities, new solutions, and new ways of being. Don’t dumb down your message just to sell more products. This is the biggest heartache I see all the time in spiritual entrepreneurs when they first begin their business journey. They reduce their vision to a bland homogenised version that no longer holds much personal meaning and competes with dozens if not hundreds of other businesses offering something similar. Be audacious in protecting your vision from blandness.

  1. Keeping your heart energy strong and clean.

As your wealth, power, and influence rise, more temptations will come your way. You will quite likely come to the attention of those who don’t want you to succeed, and who will actively seek to corrupt you. Without a strong spiritual practice to re-calibrate your soul often, it is easy to be persuaded to head down some very slippery slopes that can take you into some dark territory.

  1. Meeting your resistance to wealth and influence head on.

How wealthy would you allow yourself to be? What’s your ceiling? At what point does wealth become a bad thing? These questions will become very real as your business progresses in influence and reach. For the majority of people these questions will simply be theoretical, but not for you.

  1. Learning to overcome pride and ask for help.

One of the pernicious illusions in business is that of the self-made business hero. Out of the three fundamentals of successful business – product, marketing, and finance – you will only be really good at one, sometimes two. It’s no source of shame to admit your weakness in certain areas, but it will be to your mediocrity (if not downfall) if you try to juggle all three entirely on your own.

  1. New level, new devil.

You will face a whole new calibre of challenges in business that most people will never have to face. The saying goes that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Historically, we see that spirituality is no guaranteed protection from the temptations of corruption. Make sure to develop a strong inner compass so your ego doesn’t hijack the plot.

  1. Letting go and surrendering to the soul of your business.

At some point you will discover that your business is developing its own distinct personality. This is just as true for spiritually based business as everyday businesses. But when your business is driven by a sense of mission to deliver a greater good in the world, there will probably come a time when your business takes on its own momentum and unfold into unanticipated directions, which you may or may not be comfortable with. This may be the time to hand it on to someone else, or, if it’s truly no longer in alignment with the greater good, close it down and begin again.

  1. The exhilaration of learning to fly (metaphorically).

Breaking through your limiting beliefs and stretching your wings to soar with those who also shape the world brings you into an entirely new playground that very few souls get to experience.

  1. Taking responsibility for earning your own way in the world.

This brings you extremely up close and personal with your beliefs about what the world owes you, and addressing any latent helplessness issues. Learning to stand on your own two feet is one of the foundations of spiritual maturity.

  1. Redefining power

As you journey down the spiritual business path, you have many opportunities to explore your own relationship with power – how it has been traditionally defined as power over others, but also as power over your own self. Many women reflexively shy away from the concept of power as it is usually meant, but relish the new meaning of the word.

  1. Learning to deal with criticism, censure, and other personal attacks.

Choosing to be visible while delivering a message or service that challenges the status quo is deeply confronting to many women, who are both hardwired to create harmony and consensus, and carrying traumatised memories of earlier generation persecution in their DNA. To rise above these dynamics and put yourself and your message in the public arena in order to find those who you are meant to serve will either quickly heal you or silence you. (But don’t worry; spiritual entrepreneurs are nothing if not resilient. You’ll find a way to bounce back into the game.)

  1. Accelerating deep cellular healing for a new future

All the above factors combine to address any fears that are stored in our core being from either our earlier experience or even from generational issues that are now stored in your DNA. We are created to live and be in love with the world and with each other. Anything other than that has fear at its core. Be aware that you are at the leading edge of a new humanity, and that your own core healing from fear will make it easier for the ones who come after you to be released from their fears. And when a critical mass of “new humans” are in the world, a new future scenario for all of humanity can emerge and take shape.


In the end, choosing to take your life purpose calling into a bona fide business venture is about delivering your truth into the world in a greater way and involves offering yourself up to be tested, challenged and purified in an initiatory unfolding. And there are a hundreds of traps and tests for the unwary.

So remember, it’s easy to be a saint when you’re in a nunnery. But the real world is the real spiritual classroom. And the real world of business is the real spiritual graduate school. If you have a vision or a message that the world needs to learn about, keep moving it forward.

What questions do you have about starting or running a spiritual business? I’d love to hear them.

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